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Comedy Defensive Driving - Comedy Defensive Driving School: The Greatest Show You Ever Had To Watch

it’s time break class

So all those traffic violations have finally caught up with you, and the judge has ordered you to attend driving school. Well, if you live in Florida or Texas then you’ve got no reason to be disheartened about this. On the contrary, you have every cause to be tickled pink, because this gives you just the excuse you needed to go check out Comedy Defensive Driving School. For 20 years, the Comedy Defensive Driving School has taught over 2 1/2 million smiling students how to face mandatory driving class and view responsible defensive driving in a lighthearted new way.

Comedy Defensive Driving School isn’t just for people looking to get their traffic tickets dismissed, either. You can also take the course to receive a reduction in your auto insurance rates, or to fulfill your driver’s education requirements for obtaining your state driver’s license.

What’s So Funny About The Comedy Defensive Driving Course?

One of the first promises the Comedy Defensive Driving course makes its students is that, in their classroom there is “no reading, no writing, no arithmetic”. Instead the course promises non-stop laughs, thanks to an academic staff of professional standup comics. Just some of the comedians who have taken a turn on the Comedy Defensive Driving school staff are Ralphie May, Howard Kremer, Scott Kennedy, Patrick Candelaria, and Robert Hawkins.

There are two ways you can attend Comedy Defensive Driving School. You can take your pick of either a classroom course where it’s all “live and in your face” or you can take the entire course at home “in your PJs”. It’s up to you. You can even pull an all-nighter in your online course and, should you have any technical trouble, you’ll find 24 hour support available to help you.

As fun and funny as it is, though, the Comedy Defensive Driving School is, after all, still school. And because of this, it’s a relief to discover that the course is also graciously short. It consists of just five hours of total classroom time, plus one hour of break time. But if you opt to take the course online, you can even decide when to take that break, or if you prefer, you can just accumulate all the break-time you want by just logging off.

But if you’re really in a rush to get that driving record cleaned—say you have a big trip planned—with the Comedy Defensive Driving course you can get same day certificate processing, even with overnight certificate delivery service and courier service available when need be.

Just don’t be late for class. No matter how funny your Comedy Defensive Driving School teacher may be, the state has no sense of humor when it comes to lateness, and your teacher is not even allowed to permit you into class once it’s already started.

Comedy Central TV Sings Comedy Defensive Driving School’s Praises

Comedy Central cable television says of the Comedy Defensive Driving School: “It’s the only way to endure the painful pleasures of defensive driving.” It seems clear, whether you take the Comedy Defensive Driving course in person or you sit back and watch it on your computer screen like a movie, this will be the most enjoyable show you have ever been obligated to watch.

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