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Bmg Music Club - How BMG Music Club Changed The Face Of Music Subscription Services…Again

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Music subscription services have been around now for almost as long as media for playing music. One of the first and original music subscription services was the BMG Music Club. But that name is about to change, as BMG Music Club evolves into the 21st century with the new and improved music subscription service: YourMusic.com.

What Is A Music Subscription Service?

Before we get to the improvements that have gone along with BMG Music Club’s latest identity change, let’s first have a refresher on what exactly a music subscription like BMG Music Club is…or rather, was.

The idea behind music subscription services was that you would pay a monthly flat fee and have music automatically sent to you on a monthly basis without you having to lift a finger. It was generally a brilliant concept with, as many members soon found, one glaring flaw: someone else was choosing your music for you.

The Problem With Music Subscription Services Of Old

The biggest problem many members found with music subscription services of the past was that you didn’t get to choose what music was automatically shipped to you each month. Rather it would be a “Selection of the Month”, selected of course by the music club. Granted, you were free to return any “Selection of the Month” at no cost to you if you didn’t want to keep it (or, more likely, forgot to opt out of receiving your Selection for that month). So, many people, rather than take on the hassle of returning CDs (even at no cost to them), decided to just pay for the CDs anyway. It was automatically deducted from their credit cards. They didn’t even have to think about it, if they didn’t want to.

Obviously, this was not a winning formula for members of these clubs, and fortunately, BMG Music Club recognized that something had to change.

How BMG Music Club Changed The Face Of Online Music Subscription Services

In the internet age, there’s no reason not to let members choose their own “Selection of the Month” so to speak. And that’s exactly what BMG Music Club did. Now known as YourMusic.com, BMG Music Club still sends you an automatic selection each month—except that selection was already pre-chosen by you, and just sitting there waiting at the top of your music queue for the next monthly delivery date to roll around.

How YourMusic.com (aka The New BMG Music Club) Works

Membership at YourMusic is $6.99 per month, the same price as all of the CDs in the online store. That’s a fantastic drop in prices from subscription music club prices of yesteryear.

That $6.99 per month pays for the top CD in your music queue on YourMusic.com to be sent to you. If you want any more music that month, you pay the same low $6.99 per CD, for unlimited CDs—and you never pay for shipping. You are free to add and remove CDs from your music queue and shuffle around the order at your whim. And unlike the music subscription services of the past, with this new 21st century BMG Music Club there is no commitment.

In music clubs of the past you had to purchase a certain number of CDs at a certain inflated price before you were allowed to cancel your membership. But now you can cancel your membership at any time with no penalty.

Try it out for one month or a lifetime. You’ll never pay more than $6.99 per CD and you’ll never pay for shipping.

YourMusic.com: As Good As BMG Music Club Ever Was

One thing that could never be said of BMG Music Club was that its catalog wasn’t comprehensive, and rest assured the YourMusic.com catalog is as complete. It’s got all your favorite hits of the past and all today’s bestsellers and new releases.

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