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Countrywide Customer Service - Important Information On Countrywide Customer Service

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Prior to reading this article pertaining to Countrywide Customer Service, it’s important to keep in mind that Bank of America is still in the transitional phase of taking over Countrywide. As the takeover becomes complete, and based on Bank of America’s reputation and service history, there’s an excellent chance that Countrywide Customer Service will improve. As for now, Countrywide Customer Service does not have a strong reputation and leaves much to be desired.

There are many sites that rate customer service, but one of the more accurate and trusted sites is customerscoreboard.com. According to this site, Countrywide Customer Service has an overall score of 32.80 of 100. The rating for Countrywide Customer Service is: Disappointing. The following are a few other scores related to the customer service at Countrywide (10 being highest): Issue Resolution – 2.4. Reachability – 5.0. Cancellation – 3.0. Friendliness – 3.0. Product Knowledge – 3.0. On a sister customer service rating site to customerscoreboard.com, Countrywide’s customer service received a score of 2.8 of 5. This was based on 149 votes.

A few personal reviews of Countrywide’s customer service have been randomly selected and generalized for your knowledge and easier understanding. They are listed below.

Customer #1: Unable to get lien released. Extremely frustrated. Considering lawyer.

Customer #2: Countrywide Customer Service refuses to work with couple to consolidate loans. They want second loan released to new lender, but Countrywide refuses to comply. As many other Countrywide customers have sated, they feel like hostages.

Customer #3: Took a total of 3 hrs. 15 min. to get in touch with someone from Countrywide Customer Service regarding a CD.

Customer #4: Countrywide Customer Service representative was polite and offered first and last name. However, once transferred to Loan Consultation Department, the positive experience for this customer changed. The representative refused to provide her last name, didn’t listen to or understand the customer’s request, and transferred the customer to a recording.

Customer #5: Countrywide Customer Service representative refused to help customer with her loan, even though she hadn’t received a statement for three months. Customer is also a military wife and expected better treatment.

The list below provides contact information for Countrywide Customer Service Departments:

Banking: 877-292-2657.
Monday – Friday 7am – 7pm.
E-Mail: customercare@countrywidebank.com.

Home Loans: 800-669-6607.
Monday – Friday 7am – 10pm.
Saturday and Sunday 8am -7pm.

Insurance: 800-669-6657.
Monday – Friday 6:15am – 5:15pm.

Investments: 800-494-5125.
Monday – Friday 6:30am – 5pm.

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