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Johnson And Murphy - Finding Stylish Apparel at Johnston and Murphy,

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Although Johnston and Murphy, sometimes misspelled Johnson and Murphy by those unfamiliar with this business, began in 1850 as an enterprise which crafted traditional men’s shoes, it is now a thriving company which offers retail stores, catalog ordering, and a website for online purchases. This company has also expanded its product line significantly through the years and now sells clothing and shoes for men and women, accessories such as scarves, belts, and jewelry, and sunglasses. Johnston and Murphy, often misspelled Johnson and Murphy online, also carries the Mallory Collection of designer luggage.

Today, it is difficult to imagine that Johnston and Murphy, or Johnson and Murphy, began by making the most basic footwear. The styles offered by this up and coming manufacturer now include some of the most stylish shoes available. The Johnson and Murphy footwear line for women includes sandals, flats, slingbacks, wedges and pumps in a multitude of colors and designs. The innovative styles offered by Johnson and Murphy allow a woman to find an appropriate shoe for any occasion that is comfortable and durable.

The outerwear line at Johnston and Murphy is just as fashionable. Women will discover swing coats and anoraks, belted jackets and walking coats made from fabrics such as cotton, polyester twill, and nylon blends. These elegant garments have classic features which keep them timeless and elegant. Whether a woman desires a coat with a lining, one with snaps on the pockets, or a jacket with a hood, she can find it at Johnson and Murphy.

The men’s line at Johnson and Murphy is just as exciting. This company offers casual and formal footwear for men that is manufactured to last. Johnston and Murphy carries an excellent line of wingtips and oxfords, as well as saddles and cap toe shoes. Men who prefer more casual styles can find loafers, boat shoes, and sandals. Johnston and Murphy even manufactures several types of sneakers and athletic shoes made from light weight materials which add flexibility and comfort. Many of these sporting shoes are lined with a special material which draws moisture away from the foot.

The men’s apparel offered by Johnston and Murphy includes shirts for every preference. Men may desire to order a cotton camp shirt or a knit polo. These come in solids and prints, and many are machine washable. The popular seersucker shirts can also be found at Johnston and Murphy and feature removable stays and cuffs with buttons. Men can find comfort and style in the sweaters and vests created by Johnston and Murphy. These come in a v-neck or a mock neck with a quarter zip, but both are perfect for layering with another shirt.

Although Johnston and Murphy stores are located in many convenient venues throughout the world, including airports and train stations, many men prefer the ease of ordering from the catalog or online. To make this less expensive, Johnston and Murphy provides free ground shipping when the order total is above $225.00. They also offer free returns for customers who are not satisfied with their purchases. Whether one prefers the spelling of Johnston and Murphy or Johnson and Murphy, this company is dedicated to providing the customer with a pleasant shopping experience.

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