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Best All In One Printers - Finding The Best All In One Printers

scanning resolution printing plan

Because of how quickly technology changes, rather than pointing at specific models and brands of all in one printers and calling them the best, here’s a way of figuring out for yourself, in an ever-changing technological landscape, which of the printers on the market is going to be the best value for you. Ask yourself specific questions about what you need from each of the elements of an all-in-one printer:

1. Printing
2. Scanning
3. Copying
4. Faxing

How much printing do you plan to do on your new all in one printer? What percentage will be text, and what percentage will be imagery? If you plan to print large amounts of text, then purchasing a laser printer may be the more economical way to go, however since almost all printing involves some use of image or color, the chances are you will decide to use an inkjet all-in-one printer.

Asking about the scanning and copying you plan to do with your all in one printer is important because if you’re going to use it for any kind of professional-level high-quality scanning, you’ll need to pay special attention to the resolution it’s capable of when comparing brands online or in stores. Resolution refers to the number of pixels the scanner breaks each image it scans down into, and you want to purchase the scanner that features the highest-level resolution that you need. Professional photographers will require printers that can scan at a level of resolution well above 1,000 pixels, while consumer scanning use for non-archival photo storage, transmission of low-resolution .pdfs and .jpgs, and more, will be less expensive but not provide as high of a scanned image quality.

What kinds of copying do you plan on doing? Are you going to be making copies for team meetings, or just making a second copy of a column in the newspaper to mail to give to a friend? If the former, the best all in one printers for you will be the ones that have automatic document feeders that accept a high number (10-20) of pages at once.

This element of all in one printers is nearly obsolete, since scanning and emailing images has become so much easier, but – particularly for those who are running home offices and must maintain a fax number – printers with fax capabilities still make some of the best all in one solutions when this element is needed.

The next element to concern yourself with when looking at printers is how they can network and interface with the other machines being used in your home or office. It can be more efficient to purchase a single machine which all the users route their printing jobs to, particularly if you give attention to which all in one printer uses the lowest cost ink most efficiently.

Finally, don’t be blinded by brand loyalty. There are new technology companies arriving on the scene every day, and the new innovators are hungry enough for business that they sometimes come up with creative methods of keeping their costs low – then pass those savings on to you.

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