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Stokke High Chair - Benefits of the Stokke High Chair over Traditional Designs

children table chairs helps

Children long to be a part of their parents’ environment and when they have this opportunity, they thrive because it gives them security and a sense of inclusion in the world of adults. It may be surprising to consider that a high chair can do all this and much more, but that is exactly what is offered by the Stokke high chair. In fact, some would say that the Stokke high chair is much more than an average high chair. This chair has numerous benefits over traditional high chairs and has won awards for its ingenuity and safety.

The Stokke high chair offers ergonomic support to children ages 6 months and up. In fact, the Stokke chair can bear up to 300 pounds of weight, making it a usable piece of furniture well beyond infancy. The stroke of genius with this high chair is in the depth and height adjustability of the seat and footrest. These adjustments allow a myriad of positions that make it possible to find a seating position that allows children to sit comfortably at every stage of development. Ergonomic seating helps to improve posture and support children’s spines while allowing them to move freely and safely without fear of falling. The footrest offers stability and gives children a place to rest their feet while their legs are supported.

Many experts agree that families who share their meals together at the dinner table experience many benefits including improved communication leading to better social skills and a sense of security for children. The Stokke high chair helps smaller children to take their place at the dinner table by allowing them to sit at table height, making it easier to interact with family members at the table. Since the Stokke high chair can be pulled directly to the table, unlike a traditional high chair, children are able to interact more freely because of their proximity to the action at the table. Furthermore, the Stokke chair is functional for other activities including drawing and playing, while offering children support while they reach for items on the table.

The Stokke high chair meets and exceeds all international safety standards, making it a functional and safe addition to a child’s world. Not only are they deemed exceedingly safe, Stokke high chairs are also free of harmful chemicals which can cause health problems. The Stokke high chair is made from environmentally friendly beech wood which is a hardwood that is known to be resilient. The finished high chair has a protective coating that reduces scratching and helps to make cleaning up easier. Keeping the surface free from debris and food will keep it looking new for a long time and can be accomplished easily with a few swipes of a clean, damp kitchen cloth.

With 11 eye pleasing colors and a variety of available accessories, the Stokke high chair is bound to find a place in the decor of every home. The simple yet timeless design of the high chair by Stokke has a timeless design that has longevity over traditional high chairs because of its adjustability. Infants are secure thanks to a 5 point harness, which can later be removed. Those wishing to add a little more comfort and style to a Stokke high chair can opt to purchase cushions in a wide range of fabrics that complement the available color choices.

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