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Hubbardton Forge Lighting - A Brief Overview of Hubbardton Forge Lighting

company iron wrought process

Hubbardton Forge is a company based in Vermont and founded in 1974 that manufacturers lamps and lighting accessories from wrought iron. The founders of the company, Reed Hampton and George Chandler, created their lighting accessories from a blacksmithing forge using anvils and hammers. The company has been phenomenally successful since its inception; its products are available nationally in a variety of both independent and larger name lighting supply stores, and the company has grown to employ 200 people. The wrought iron designs emphasize slender suspension curves or artistically designed bases. The lighting elements themselves tend to be traditional. Conventional lampshades, electrically powered candles, and simple sconces adorn the finely worked wrought iron, which gives the company’s line its distinctive and identifiable design. Hubbardton Forge sells its products through resellers only; it is strictly a manufacturing company.

Hubbardton Forge lighting also distinguishes itself by its insistence on developing eco-friendly manufacturing processes. It has received the award from the governor of Vermont for Environmental Excellence and Pollution Prevention five times due to its efforts in this area. The environmental award won in 2010 was for Hubbardton Forge’s modified cleaning preparation process, which sought to reduce the amount of water used in conjunction with ceramic media to prepare the company’s products. The water used with the ceramics eventually turned into a slurry which required disposal. This process consumed a great deal of water. Hubbardton Forge performed extensive research and took field trips to other facilities to try and develop a more efficient process. The company managed to develop a process which used 97% less water, and actually outperformed the efficiency of the old cleaning system by 150%. The process also benefited worker safety and required less labor overall, thereby increasing productivity.

Hubbardton Forge’s table lamps display the company’s facility with curving and bending wrought iron to produce eye-catching surprisingly dexterous combinations of curves. The elegance and sophistication of the wrought iron bending and shaping techniques is the primary design draw of a Hubbardton Forge lamp or lighting accessory. In some instances, the company is able to modify existing designs for individual customers, based on availability of materials, and the particular design modification requested.

The company also manufacturers a line of outdoor lighting, including some wall and porch lights that use textured glass. In many cases, the outdoor lights emphasize the wrought iron in secure looking bars, although the company does provide the occasional decorative flourish, as of a wrought iron flower posed against the backdrop of a plain white lighting element.

On the technical side, many of Hubbardton Forge’s lighting uses powder-coating for its finishes, and heavy gauge metals throughout for durability. All tapered or curled iron ends are welded to the lamp’s base to ensure stability. Most of the company’s products are UL/CUL approved. If the product is not UL/CUL approved, it is noted on the particular lamp or accessory. Additionally, because Hubbardton Forge lighting is frequently used in commercial settings, many of its wall sconces are approved for use by the American Disabilities Act.

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