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Monte Carlo Fans - Cooling Choices Offered by Monte Carlo Fans

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Monte Carlo fans are manufactured using materials, colors, and designs to fill the needs of any customer. These ceiling fans are sold through catalog orders, online, and in independent lighting and home design stores from California to Maine, some of which keep a specialist employed who is trained to help customers make decisions about the most appropriate fan for their space. Dedicated to quality engineering and fashionable styling, the Monte Carlo Fan Company sells ceiling fans for indoors and outdoors, as well a line of the most energy efficient ceiling fans on the market.

With more than eighty different collections, the Monte Carlo Fan Company has fans suitable for any decorating style. From Early American Home Classics to the sophisticated Contemporary Collection, Monte Carlo fans add comfort to any space while enhancing the décor. Even the whimsical children’s fans are made of bright primary colors which attract young eyes and brighten their bedrooms or play areas. A Monte Carlo fan made especially for the patio area can keep this area enjoyable even on the hottest days and add beauty as well.

Because detail is important to the makers of Monte Carlo fans, these uniquely designed fans are available in twenty-three different finishes. These include black or white, bronze, brass, nickel, weathered iron, and chrome, as well as the standard silver. Designer finishes are also popular, and those offered by Monte Carlo Fans are particularly pleasing. With fascinating names such as “Aged Tortoise Shell,” “Irish Slate,” and “Sicilian Stone,” these finishes are just as individualized as a customer’s tastes and can match any architectural design. Customers also have a choice between a Monte Carlo fan with lights and one without, depending on where the fan will be located in their homes.

The craftsmanship of Monte Carlo fans is incomparable, with a goal of complete customer satisfaction and fan durability. The Monte Carlo Fan Company makes ceiling fans for every room size, from mini fans of twenty-four to twenty-eight inches to fans sixty inches or more for more spacious area or those with higher ceilings. They also carry light kits for their fans, as well as filters and replacement globes.

The price of a Monte Carlo fan varies, depending on its size, design, and detailing. A Monte Carlo fan can cost from a hundred and twenty dollars to nearly two thousand. The DC60 Collection of Energy Saving fans are just under five hundred dollars, but the Van Buren Collection with lights is over seven hundred. The Monte Carlo Fan Company’s “Extreme Green” fans, however, do result in significant savings on energy bills.

After buying a Monte Carlo fan, customers will find that the company provides help at every turn. If a problem develops during installation, this company has technical support standing by from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. from Monday through Friday. They also provide a toll-free customer care number to supply information and help for customers ordering through their catalog or their online website. All of the ceiling fans sold by the Monte Carlo Fan Company come with a limited lifetime warranty.

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