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Rival Crock Pots - Why Rival Crock Pots Outshine the Rest

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Today’s busy cooks are always looking for ways to quickly prepare inexpensive, healthy, and mouthwatering meals for their families. Crock pots provide the perfect solution for active households, students, singles, and seniors. Plugged in before leaving for the day, family members are treated to the savory aromas of a home-cooked meal that is ready to be served when they return. Rival Crock Pots® are the industry standard when it comes to slow cookers.

In 1970, the Rival company acquired a small business that had developed a self-contained bean cooker. It didn’t take Rival engineers long to realize the potential of this small device. Not only did it cook beans, it cooked vegetables and meat, slowly simmering food to blend flavors and tenderize food. After experimenting with the size and design, the first Rival Crock Pots were introduced in 1971. The term “crock pot” was registered by Rival, but has since come to describe slow cookers in general.

Rival’s first crock pots were large, one piece, and basic with a simple off/on setting. As crock pots became popular, Rival introduced new features and innovations that made the slow cooker more useful and easier to use. Today’s Rival Crock Pots are a far cry from those first models.

As consumers began purchasing crock pots in great numbers, other manufacturers began to jump on the slow cooker bandwagon. Even so, Rival remains the leader in slow cooking research and technology, offering customers the finest crock pots in the world.

Rival Crock Pots are loaded with technological advances that make them easier and more versatile than ever. Some of the impressive features available are:

1. Time settings: Users may set a start time.

2. Programmable cooking: Cooks food as long as needed and automatically shifts to “warm” after designated time.

3. Safe: Food safety has always been a priority at Rival. Crock pots from Rival are designed to bring slow cooked food to the optimum cooking temperature quickly to insure that foods are cooked in a safe manner.

4. Easy to clean: Removable inner linings are dishwasher safe. Outside finishes are quickly cleaned using a damp cloth.

5. A variety of crock pot sizes and shapes to choose from: From a 2.5 quart all the way to a 6.5 quart capacity, there is a Rival Crock Pot for feeding any sized group. The Rival Crock Pot Trio Cook & Serve™ contains three crocks, each crock with its own individual setting. Round and oval shaped crock pots accommodate all types of food from cut up vegetables and meat to whole chickens, turkeys, and pot roasts.

6. Attractive designs: Stainless steel, sleek black, pure white, designer colors, or quaint art ensure that there is a Rival Crock Pot to enhance any decor.

Rival Crock Pots allow members of busy households the opportunity to enjoy great home cooked meals with a minimum of time and fuss. Crock pots are Rival’s signature product. As such, Rival continues producing crock pots of superb craftsmanship. Exceptional value and superior quality make Rival Crock Pots stand out from the rest.

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