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Peerless Wall Mount - How to Choose a Peerless Wall Mount for a Flat Panel Television

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Peerless Industries makes some of the best regarded mounts for flat panel televisions available today. Given that Peerless Industries has been manufacturing mounts for audiovisual and electronic equipment since World War II, their leadership is not surprising. Today, they offer 107 different mounts, stands and pedestals for flat panel television’s including 82 wall mount products.

To choose the right Peerless wall mount, one must first identify both the size and weight of one’s television. Purchasing a mount that is too large for a given television could lead to parts of it being visible behind the television or to it not fitting at all. Purchasing a mount that is too small could lead to the mount being pulled out of the wall by the weight of the television. When choosing a mount by size, one should also look at the weight of the television. For instance a universal flat wall mount for a 23 to 46 inch panel will support up to 150 pounds. Conversely, one of Peerless’ articulating mounts for a 32 to 46” screen will only support an ultra-thin panel weighing up to 60 pounds. Purchasing a mount with the right size rating but without adequate weight capability will also lead to a broken wall, mount and television.

Peerless effectively makes five different types of wall mounts. The simplest is the flat wall mount. This mount attaches the television to the wall in one position with no ability to move it around without removing it from the mount. These mounts are obviously not very flexible but, to their benefit, they are inexpensive, strong and the thinnest mounting option available. Similar to the flat mount is the tilting mount. This also keep the television in one place, but they allow it to be tilted up or down. One application for a tilting wall mount would be a slumber party where the television can be tilted downwards for better viewing from the floor.

There are also three types of mounts which offer more flexibility in movement at the cost of increased expense, reduced weight capacity and increased thickness. The simplest Peerless wall mount of this class is a pivoting mount which holds the television away from the wall a certain distance and allows it to be pointed to the left or right to allow for better viewing when the viewer is not directly in front of the television. Articulating mounts place the television on an arm which can be pulled out to allow for great flexibility in placement, but can also fold relatively flat to hold the television more closely into the wall. The top-of-the-line solution is a motorized wall mount. Although these can be quite expensive, they give the benefits of an articulating mount, except that instead of requiring one to get up to move the flat panel, they are remote controlled.

Given the wide array of Peerless wall mount solutions available, finding an appropriate one is available. Once it is purchased, it is also easy to install by simply following the excellent installation instructions that are provided.

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