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Eileen Fisher Clothing - The Success of Eileen Fisher Clothing through Humanitarianism

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Eileen Fisher is a business woman, a loving mother and a talented designer who strives to help make the world a better place through her clothing. In fact, eileen fisher clothing is celebrated by women of every shape, size and color throughout the United States and Canada because of her flattering clothes made by and for everyday women. Her brand, eileen fisher clothing, had a humble start in New York City when she designed her first line in 1984. With $350 and a lot of integrity, she pushed forward to create a fashion empire that continues to grow, enabling women to dress in a comfortable and flattering style. Today, eileen fisher’s clothing company sees revenues in excess of $150 million.

Eileen Fisher strives to live simply and this is the basis for her clothing line. She feels that women should not have to spend precious time each morning deciding what to wear. This is why she creates simple yet flattering pieces that go together effortlessly. Because eileen fisher clothing does not feature bright colors or loud prints, women can dress with a quiet refinement in subdued colors that coordinate to create looks that are carefree and easy to accomplish. She uses natural fibers that are as easy to care for as they are to wear.

Although she receives the majority of her accolades for eileen fisher clothing as a fashion line, her value to society goes far beyond the items one will find in one of her over 40 stores. Eileen Fisher is a socially conscious woman who strives to make a positive mark on society. Consumers will find that most eileen fisher clothing pieces are made from sustainable fabrics. As one of only three companies in the United States, eileen fisher clothing is compliant with the standards of Social Accountability International, whose intent is to improve workplaces around the world. This includes mandating fair wages, safe working environments and reasonable working hours to maintain the health of the people producing eileen fisher clothing. Through community partnerships she reaches out to those in the community and recently donated more than $100,000 to various charities that help to empower women all over the world.

At her local office, Eileen Fisher is a gracious employer. Employees have an extensive variety of perks available to keep them happy and healthy. At her company headquarters, employees have access to on-site tai chi and yoga lessons, in addition to $1000 each year for education and wellness benefits to access outside services such as massages, reflexology and other rejuvenation techniques. Also, each employee gets up to $2500 each year to spend on wholesale priced eileen fisher clothing.

To eileen fisher, clothing is more than a covering. It is something that she uses to make the world a better place. In helping people feel better about the way that they look in their clothes, she helps to empower women. In her business practices, she strives to be conscious of the effects of her actions on people and the world. For her employees, she extends benefits to help them lead better and more productive lives. Eileen Fisher clothing is as much about the people as it is about the finished product.

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I purchased the sliver guaze linen pull cord skirt. I am looking for a matching jacket. So far I have been unable to locate. Was one made and if so where may I purchase one now?