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Pawleys Island Hammock - Choosing the Best Pawleys Island Hammock

hammocks rope original company

Most people know that few activities are more relaxing on a hot summer day than swinging gently in the breeze in a hammock. What they do not know is that the craftsmanship and style of that hammock make a difference in how enjoyable this pastime can be. The people at Pawleys Island Hammock Company understand and provide hand crafted hammocks for every preference, as well as the accessories needed to hang them and the products to keep them in good condition. Carried by many home supply, outdoor and patio dealers throughout the United States and Canada, Pawleys Island Hammocks may also be ordered online or through their catalog. Fabric and rope hammocks are aobut two hundred dollars in price; swings are close to three hundred, and rockers are approximately four hundred dollars in most stores selling products made by Pawleys Island Hammock Company.

The original hammock made by Pawleys Island Hammocks in 1889 was created from cotton rope, and this is still a popular model today. This roomy hammock is roomy and soft, with just the right amount of give. If a customer likes the style of the classic but desires a fabric more durable than cotton, he or she might wish to purchase the large polyester rope hammock. This Pawleys Island Hammock weathers well while maintaining the classic lines of the original. If the hammock is being purchased for a couple to use at the same time, both of these original models come in deluxe versions which are large enough to hold two people and can support up to four hundred and fifty pounds.

The Presidential models of rope hammock produced by Pawleys Island Hammocks are even more spacious. They are designed to let the kids join Mom and Dad so the whole family can relax together. To make sure the Presidential hammock is strong enough to support the entire gang, the company uses three ply rope and a zinc coating on the hanging hardware. This Pawleys Island Hammock comes in cotton or polyester and has ten more inches in width when compared to the original versions.

If a rope hammock seems too abrasive, hammocks made of fabric can also be purchased at Pawleys Island Hammocks. Quilted hammocks filled with polyester batting can withstand the sun and rain while offering the softness of a bed. This Pawleys Island Hammock is styled with a striped surface and a matching solid color underneath. Customers also like the Pawleys Island Quick-Dry Fabric Hammocks. These hammocks resist mold, mildew, rot, and fading and do not readily absorb water.

Besides the traditional hammocks, Pawleys Island produces a hammock swing. The body of the Curved Arm Double Rope Swing is crafted from white oak, and the dark green pillows are attached to the soft polyester roping. This Pawleys Island Hammock may be hung from a stand, the beams of the front porch, or under a tree. The chain lengths on this hammock can even be adjusted to change the angle of the seat, and springs may be added to give more bounce.
To make choosing even more difficult, Pawleys Island Hammocks offers hammock rockers. These decorative rockers have arms made from white oak and soft rope slings. The bright white rope and dark green pillows make quite a statement about good tastes.

Whatever is needed to hang a new Pawleys Island hammock is available from this company also. Cleaning products, caddies, wheeled stands, and storage bags are conveniently displayed. Springs, tree straps and tie downs are only a step away. This makes buying a Pawleys Island brand hammock one of the easiest home improvement projects ever.

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