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Little Tikes Workshop - Choosing the Right Little Tikes Workshop for Your Child

children workshops unit model

Most young boys reach a point where they desire to emulate the important role models in their lives. Because working with the same tools that Mom and Dad use can be dangerous to younger craftsmen, the Little Tikes Workshop play stations can fill this need without causing concerns about safety.

Made in the USA, Little Tikes Workshops come in several different models created for varying ages. Prices for these workshops by Little Tike can be as low as twenty dollars or as high as seventy, depending on the size and complexity of the unit chosen. Every Little Tikes Workshop has been tested for safety and is made of high quality, durable materials. Actually, these units are often passed from one child to another through the years.

A good model for younger children is the Little HandiWorker Workhorse, and the price for this simplified Little Tikes Workshop is at the low end of the spectrum, usually less than thirty dollars. This Little Tikes Workshop unit is nice because it can be folded when not in use and has both side and top storage for the basic tools which come with the set. The design incorporates a handle for transport and is suitable for any child over the age of two.

The Little Tikes Home Improvement Workshop is a bit more expensive, around fifty dollars, but it has a seat on one side and several simple repair challenges on the other. With nineteen accessories and a peg board attached to keep the tools organized, this Little Tikes Workshop can keep children actively involved for hours. Although it does require batteries, it is also safe for two-year-olds.

Another model of Little Tikes Workshops which seems to fascinate young ones who enjoy imitating adults is the Swirlin’ Sawdust Workshop. This is a special unit with a table saw, drill, and magnetic board which lets children imagine they are actually cutting a piece of lumber. The magnet then rejoins the two ends of the board so that they can be sawed repeatedly. The covered storage bins on this Little Tikes Workshop help keep the fifteen accessories nearby for easy usage.

At the high end of the Little Tikes Workshops is the Craftsman Workshop, which sells for a little less than a hundred dollars. The imaginary power tools in this unit make sounds that delight youngsters of all ages. This Little Tikes Workshop comes with the pieces of a birdhouse, which can be assembled using the thirty accessories that are included with this model. Having a finished product gives children a unique sense of satisfaction from their creative play. Though this advanced model takes about fifteen minutes from box to completion of set-up, it is preferred by children aged four to six.

Little Tikes Workshops are not just toys. They teach several valuable educational skills. They help with the development of manual dexterity and force children to perform skills in sequential order. Little Tikes Workshops are also excellent play stations to encourage sharing with other children.

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