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Vermont Castings Grill - Buying the Right Vermont Castings Grill for Years of Cooking Pleasure

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For consumers who are serious about grilling and are seeking a grill that is designed with features that give versatility and efficiency, Vermont Castings Grills offer a variety of good choices. For over thirty-five years, this company has provided its customers with durable grills with a number of options and accessories. Currently, the two collections offered are the Heritage Collection and the Classic Collection. Found in home, patio, and fireplace stores throughout the United States and Canada, these collections offer a grill suitable for any chef, whether professional or amateur.

For a smaller deck or patio, the Heritage VCS300 offers three burners and six hundred and thirty square inches of cooking surface. The Heritage VCS400 is the four burner model, and for really serious chefs, the VCS500 offers five burners and nine hundred and thirty-seven square inches of cooking space. It also comes with a rotisserie kit and a smoker box. In the Vermont Castings Grill Classic Collection, customers can find five models made with limited edition colorful porcelain enameled lids. The grills in this collection have three to five burners and a cooking area ranging from four hundred and forty square inches to six hundred and fifty-one. They also have special warming racks with a porcelain coating to prevent sticking and to make clean up easier.

Both collections contain grills created for quality food preparation, but some of the key features are unique to a particular collection. All of the Vermont Castings Grills have some important standard features. Every grill is made with stainless steel sear plates and grilling grates made from cast iron. An electronic ignition is installed on every Vermont Castings Grill, and the lid is forged from stainless steel.

To make moving the grill easier, each grill is built with heavy duty casters and has tool holders, towel bars, and condiment trays built in. Vermont Castings Grills are also known for their deep fire boxes which keep the heat inside and make cooking at lower temperatures much easier. This results in juicier meat and a greater retention of the moisture in foods.

Consumers are always delighted to find that the company manufacturing Vermont Castings Grills is environmentally friendly and concerned about its green signature. Vermont Castings Grills uses only recycled pieces of cast iron in its products. The energy used in the manufacturing process comes from water power and nuclear power. Even the light bulbs in the factory have been changed to the new T5 fluorescents in order to conserve energy. Customers can feel good about buying a new grill from a manufacturer as conscientious as Vermont Castings Grill Company.

Ranging in price from eight hundred to eighteen hundred dollars, depending on the model chosen, the options included, and the region of the country where it is purchased, a Vermont Castings Grill in both free standing and built-in models. Although Vermont Castings Grill Company offers warranties of up to ten years on parts for some grills, it will not service or back any grill purchased online.

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