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Defensive Driving Online Texas - Defensive Driving Online Courses in Texas

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Unfortunately, many drivers who cross Texas’ vast open spaces sometimes violate the speed limit and, on occasion, are caught by one of Texas’ fine state troopers. Luckily, a ticket does not have to run one’s life.

As many are aware, a traffic ticket carries a penalty above and beyond the expense of the ticket. It can cause a double increase in one’s automobile insurance premiums since not only does a ticket make the premium go up, but it can also cause the cancellation of one’s Good Driver discount. Luckily, Texas allows drivers to erase a ticket from their record by successfully completing a defensive driving course.

For those drivers who do not have time to go to a traditional classroom-based course, a number of schools now offer an online defensive driving course. The prices for these courses can be extremely inexpensive, with some costing as little as the state-mandated minimum price of $25.00. Most online courses are designed with an eye towards being both informative and educational, with a great deal of multimedia and graphics integrated into the course material. Even more important, though, is that they are designed to be easy to take and to fit into one’s busy schedule. Courses are designed to be done in small pieces or can be done all at once. This allows a student to complete a course in as little as six hours, or, with some schools, in as long as 180 days. Those who tend to procrastinate should note that Texas law only allows 90 days to complete the course, though.

Note that online courses will require the student to demonstrate their mastery of the material. During the flow of the class, the online system will frequently ask questions to ensure that the person who had signed up for the class is actually the one taking it. In addition to this, most courses will have multiple-choice quizzes at the end of each unit. Finally, the course will carry a final exam on which a 70% score is required to pass. Most schools allow for a limited number of free re-takes in the rare occasion that they are necessary, though.

When looking for an online driving school, one should ensure that their chosen provider is approved by the Texas Education Agency (TEA). Non-TEA approved defensive driving courses will not be accepted by the Texas courts.

Providers of defensive driving online courses in Texas can frequently help with more than just reversing a ticket. For a number of drivers, a defensive driving course can result in a 10-20% discount in one’s insurance premium. Many schools offer insurance-approved courses as well as the TEA-approved courses for removing a seatbelt violation from one’s driving record.

Unfortunately, traffic tickets are a part of life for many Texans. Thanks to the broad availability of defensive driving training available online, though, an occasional lapse in judgment does not have to have significant and long-lasting effects on one’s driving record or insurance premium.

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