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Aqua Pure Water Filters - Choosing One of the Aqua Pure Water Filters for Your Needs

aqua pure filter

The human body needs six to eight glasses of water each and every day, but if you are getting that water from the tap, it could be filled with contaminants which get into your water between the city treatment plant and your home. If you own a private well, you must get a water filter to remove sediments, minerals and pathogens from the water.

Tap water from the city has been filtered of major dirt and germs so it is safe to drink, but tap water often has mineral contents in it which lend it a strange odor or odd taste, leading many people to opt for unhealthy sodas or expensive bottled water. You can save money by filtering your own water with Aqua Pure water filters fitted either directly to an individual faucet or placed to filter the water for the entire house.

Choose whether you will need a drinking water Aqua Pure filter or one for the entire house. Look at areas of standing water such as the toilet. If you notice rust stains inside your toilet, you likely have iron dissolved in your water and need one of the Aqua Pure water filters for the whole house to remove the dirt and rust. A whole house water filter will be needed if you have a private well where you get your water. If you do not have signs of iron in your water and you have a city supply, a drinking water purifier model will suffice.

Determine what size of Aqua Pure filter you need. Count the number of bathrooms you have to choose the size. Since bathrooms contain a sink, toilet and tub or shower, these rooms use the greatest amount of water. For best results from your Aqua Pure filter, choose a single cartridge model for one to two bathroom homes and a double cartridge filter for homes with three or four bathrooms. You will require a second whole house water filter if you have more than four bathrooms. For drinking water, choose a model to install next to your kitchen tap. It will have a separate tap for filtered drinking water.

Replace the cartridges in your Aqua Pure water filters every three to four months or as soon as the water begins to taste or smell bad or if the water pressure drops.

Do not get your six to eight glasses of water from sodas or pricey bottled beverages, opt for a treatment system such as an Aqua Pure filter to clean the water in your home, letting you drink it once again.

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