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Double Day Book Club - Why Should I Join the Double Day Book Club?

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If you love to read but hate taking the time to visit the library or bookstore, why not consider a book club. Book clubs send the newest releases to your door as they become available. The convenience of a book club has led thousands to join. One of the most popular book clubs over the years has been the Double Day book club.

For over 80 years, the Double Day book club has catered to readers interested in having books sent directly to them. According to the Double Day book club’s membership agreement (http://www.doubledaybookclub.com/pages/shared/components/popups/negopMembershipAgreementCopy.jsp): all you have to do is commit to purchasing four books at the club price, which is lower than the publisher’s price. Every three weeks, you will be sent a catalog to choose from along with the editor’s featured book. If after 10 days you decide that you do not want to keep the book, send back the Double Day book and your account will be credited back the book price.

Some people become concerned about books being automatically sent to you, but with each catalog, you will receive notice about which book will be sent. This gives you the opportunity to contact Double Day books and ask that the editor’s featured selection not be sent to you. You never have to accept a featured book order as long as you choose four books from the catalog at the full book club price sometime over the course of your one year membership.

A membership with the Double Day book club gives you a means to purchase books at lower cost than the prices from the bookstore, and you will be able to sample the newest books as they come out. For those who want the latest Double Day book selections, a club membership will be for you.

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