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Dirt Devil Filters - Finding the Right Filter for Your Dirt Devil Vacuum

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If you own a vacuum cleaner, sooner or later you will need a new filter for it. Compared to past years, your choices of filters have increased. Dirt Devil vacuums offer many different types of filters for their vacuums, but unless you choose the correctly sized filter, it will not work in your cleaner.

Look at the type of vacuum you have to determine the type of Dirt Devil filter you need. Do you have a large upright vacuum, portable stick, accessory-filled canister or hand-held model? Each of these uses a different filter.

The “I” series of upright vacuums has the option of using Dirt Devil filters with scent in them which add fragrance to the room as you clean. Other vacuums use a Dirt Devil HEPA filter which screens out allergens from the air, trapping them inside the filter and keeping your home free of dust and pet hair.

If you still have the original filter, hold onto it to use as a guide so that you purchase the correct replacement for your Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner. Without the original filter, consult your manual or look up your vacuum on the Dirt Devil website for the exact model number of the Dirt Devil filter to buy.

Do not simply wash out your old filter for reuse. This can damage the filter and encourage mold growth. Vacuuming with a moldy filter will worsen your allergy problems, not make them better the way that a new Dirt Devil HEPA filter can.

Get the right filter for your Dirt Devil by purchasing a replacement based on the number and getting a HEPA filter if you have allergy problems. Good Housekeeping (http://www.goodhousekeeping.com/product-testing/reviews-tests/appliances-electronics/vacuum-cleaner-faqs-1101) recommends changing your vacuum cleaner’s filter every six months or after every sixth bag change, but it is a good idea to check your filter whenever you change the bag, or empty the canister in your bagless vacuum, and replace the filter if it looks dirty or overly worn. Keep your Dirt Devil vacuum operating at its maximum ability by using and regularly replacing the correct Dirt Devil filter for your vacuum model.

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