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Hardwood Floor Cleaners - How to Find the Best Hardwood Floor Cleaners

cleaning hardwood floor

Hardwood floors not only add beauty and warmth to a home, they add value. Keeping hardwood floors beautiful is not as difficult as it once was. With new scratch-resistant finishes and advanced hardwood floor cleaners made specifically for wood, cleaning hardwood floors is easier than ever.

Hardwood floors should never be wet mopped. Applying water to a hardwood floor will damage the finish and wood surface, causing significant staining and, in extreme cases, swelling and warping. Advances in hardwood floor cleaner formulas have made it possible to cut down on maintenance and cleaning time while providing the best cleaning solutions. Green hardwood floor cleaners are also available for those who are concerned with the environment.

Below are some helpful tips to remember when choosing hardwood floor cleaners:

1. Look for a hardwood cleaner with a low acidic, no ammonia solution. Acid and ammonia will damage hardwood flooring.

2. Do not use any type of wax on a hardwood floor. Wax not only damages wood flooring, but it makes the floor slick and dangerous to walk on.

3. Check with the flooring manufacturer. The manufacturer will likely have recommendations for the best wood flooring cleaners to use on a particular floor.

4. Not all hardwood flooring is alike. Different wood species and finishes make using the right type of hardwood floor cleaners essential.

5. Ask for advice from the flooring dealer. The dealer will recommend the right cleaner and probably have it available for purchase.

In addition to using hardwood floor cleaners periodically, the following tips will help keep hardwood floors in top condition:

1. Use floor protectors on furniture legs to prevent scratching.

2. Use area and walk way rugs to protect the floor’s surface.

3. Keeps pets’ nails trimmed.

4. Do not walk on a hardwood floor with spiked heels.

5. Before using hardwood floor cleaners, vacuum thoroughly. Any dust particle left on the floor may scratch the surface.

6. Wipe up spills as soon as they occur.

The cleaning and care of hardwood floors used to be a time-consuming, exacting job. People with pets and young children often bypassed the hardwood flooring and chose laminate, tile, or vinyl because of the easier maintenance. Modern hardwood flooring is just as easy to maintain and care for as other flooring types. Today’s hardwood floor cleaners are designed to be easy to use and combine the maximum cleaning power with the safest cleaning methods.

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