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Frontline Plus Dogs - Keep Your Furry Friend Flea Free With Frontline Plus

frontline plus dog

Fleas not only pose a nuisance to your pet, but they can also cause illnesses in your dog such as anemia, flea allergy dermatitis, and tapeworm. These diseases can also affect you and your family if you are bitten your dog’s fleas. Frontline Plus is a topical medication which acts to kill the fleas, flea eggs, ticks and chewing lice on your dog for your pet’s comfort and health.

Whenever a flea bites your dog, your dog begins to scratch, the same way that you feel the need to scratch a mosquito bite. Like mosquitoes, fleas bite because they feed off of your pet’s blood. They do not only eat dog blood, fleas can also bite you and your children. Getting rid of fleas in your home begins with killing the fleas that come into contact with your dog by applying Frontline Plus dog formula to your dog’s coat.

You should talk to your vet about Frontline Plus dogs’ medication and whether it is the right option for your pet. Different dogs will need different formulations as the dosage amount depends on your dog’s size. Unlike other brands of topical flea treatment, Frontline Plus for dogs protects your dog against more than just fleas. The “plus” in Frontline Plus dogs formula refers to the action that this medication has on other parasites such as flea eggs, ticks and chewing lice.

Protecting your dog from ticks with Frontline Plus dogs’ formula can prevent lyme disease in you and your family. This debilitating disease causes anemia, weakness, and fatigue in both humans and animals. Preventing tick bites in the first place will save your dog and your loved ones from this painful illness.

Even if you have both cats and dogs never give your cat Frontline Plus dogs’ formula as it could harm your feline, especially if you cat has a smaller build than your dog. Never give Frontline Plus dogs’ formula to cats. Frontline Plus for dogs could be harmful to felines, especially in smaller cats or when using medications prescribed for larger dogs. Frontline offers separate formulas especially designed for cats.

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