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Daily News Sri Lanka - Online Advertising Information For The Daily News in Sri Lanka

sri lanka daily news

The largest newspaper company in Southeast Asia is The Associated Newspapers of Ceylon Limited, which is also known as ANCL. They publish many newspapers: three daily papers, three weekend papers, five weekly papers, two monthly papers, and three annual papers. The Sri Lanka Daily News is one of their daily papers. It’s also only published in English. Other papers are published in Sinhala and Tamil. The Sri Lanka Daily News has been Sri Lanka’s national newspaper since 1918. It was also the first newspaper in Sri Lanka to be published online. At the present time, two other Sri Lanka newspapers are also available online: Silumina and Budusarana. For advertising information on the Daily News in Sri Lanka, please see below.

If you’re going to advertise online with any publication, you’re going to want to know as many details as possible, including statistics, costs, and possible discounts. This is even the case with a paper as popular as the Sri Lanka Daily News. The online version of this newspaper averages 400,000 hits and 25,000 visits per day. A banner ad will have 100-pixel width, 50-pixel height, and a weight less than 12k. Gif animation will be 1 to 3 frames. A jpg will be a single frame. Flash movies are a possibility. If you have artwork, it must be sent in three business days prior to the ad running.

You are required to pay one month upfront for all ads in the Sri Lanka Daily News. It is possible to receive discounts. If you pay for three months upfront, you will receive 5% off. If you pay for six months upfront, you will receive 7.5% off. And if you pay 12 months upfront, you will receive 10% off. Regardless of whether or not you’re paying upfront, all checks must be made out to: The Associated Newspapers of Ceyon Limited. A banner ad will cost 18,000 LKR and a HTML ad will cost 16,200 LKR. Conversion rates are regularly updated on the website: dailynews.lk. To contact someone in the advertising department, call The fax number is The e-mail address is webmarketing@lakehouse.lk.

The layout of the online Sri Lanka Daily News is impressive. The home page offers up-to-date world news. Across the top are tabs for ten separate categories: news, editorial, business, features, political, security, sports, world, letters, obituaries. On the right-hand side of the page are 10 ads, which often blink and grab a reader’s attention. A large banner on the top right corner is also available.

The Sri Lanka Daily News is a publication that will only grow from this point on. If you’re looking to advertise in this paper, consider getting in early so you will have the potential to lock in low rates.

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5 months ago

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over 5 years ago

Some 26 features i wrote for the Saturday Magazine of the Ceylon Daily News under the general tittle "Sketches of a Village" appeared between June 1965 and March 1966.

I wrote them under the pen name Arcadius.. I have made arrangements to publish all of these essays in revised form, including the illustrations associated with each, in book form.

Since I was the creator of this work, I think I am the rightful owner of copyrights for this week. PLease send me a signed document authorizing me to proceed with this project..


Shelton Gunaratne
Professor of mass communications emeritus, MSUM
Moorhead, MN 56560, USA

Tel. 1 (218) 223-0453

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about 7 years ago

I submitted an article on 'High egg prices of SL' to you today (to editor@dailynews.lk) but the letter was sent back to me. Could you pl send me your correct email address?