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Tv Mounting Brackets - How to Find the Right TV Mounting Brackets

tv mount bracket

TV mounting brackets for your flat screen LCD or plasma display are an essential part of your equipment package. There are several design options from which to choose, and it is important to select the right one to get the most out of your HDTV investment. The most basic type of TV mount is the fixed style, which offer no movement, as the name suggests. They are the most affordable type of mount for your plasma or LCD television. These TV mounting brackets are also referred “low-profile” because they protrude from the wall only about 2.5 inches, on average, holding the unit more snug to the wall than any other style. They work very well in smaller rooms where the display is easy to see from any vantage point, and where lighting does not present glare issues for the screen.
The next style of TV mounting brackets in terms of affordability, as well as maneuverability, is the tilt design. Tilt models feature a pivot in the middle of the TV mount bracket that allows viewers to move the screen vertically about 10-15 degrees in either direction. They are a good choice when viewing the LCD display from the floor is a common practice, or when little ones in playpens are watching their favorite shows or videos. The tilt feature of these TV mounting brackets also allows the viewers to move the screen up or down to eliminate glare, much as you might the screen on a laptop. When the wall on which the flat screen is mounted is opposite windows or lighting this feature can be very handy.
Full motion TV mounting brackets are those which offer consumers the opportunity to both tilt the plasma or LCD screen and move it horizontally, from side to side. To accomplish this, a full motion TV mount bracket has extending arms which allow you to pull the unit out, away from the wall, and then move it to the right or left. It is important that you make sure you use full motion TV mounting brackets that are rated for the weight of your flat screen display. While this is true no matter what style TV mount bracket you employ, it is especially vital here, since extending the unit puts a great deal of pressure on the arms. There are several types of full-motion options from which to choose, but each one gives a nice range of motion to the flat screen. These are an excellent choice when the room is a large one and there are several good viewing angles off to the sides. When seated there, it is nice to be able to adjust the screen angle for a better picture.
Finally, TV mounting brackets that attach to the ceiling are used in some homes, and are popular in businesses. This TV mount bracket delivers excellent horizontal motion, and some feature tilt as well.
Take a few moments to evaluate your viewing needs, and then purchase the type of TV mounting brackets that will optimize your viewing pleasure.

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