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Free Picture Editing Software - Where to Find Free Picture Editing Software

free picture software

In recent years, digital photography has become more popular than ever. Because digital cameras have become increasingly popular over the years, more and more people have begun preserving their precious memories on digital devices rather than traditional film. One of the main benefits of digital photography is the ability to edit photos quickly and easy. Though some photo editing software can be expensive, it is also possible to find free picture editing software that will perform both basic and advanced tasks.

When looking for free picture software, avoid those that are labeled as “free trial”. Free trial software is nice if you plan on buying a full version of the product, but if you are looking for something to use for free long-term, trial software is a waste of time and computer resources. Instead, look for programs that are entirely free. For those who are looking to do primarily photo editing and sharing, Picasa is an excellent program. Provided by Google, Picasa can be used to edit, organize, and share photos online though their free-to-download and easy-to-use software. While Picasa is ideal for cropping, resizing, and correcting minor problems such as over or under exposed shots, it can not handle more advanced editing tasks. For the serious amateur or even a professional, GIMP is the best option. GIMP performs many of the same functions that can be performed in Adobe Photoshop and other expensive photo editing programs. Because GIMP offers so many features, the learning curve is a bit steep, but it is the best choice for anyone who is serious about doing extensive picture editing for free. If you are looking to combine ease-of-use with high performance, Photoscape may be your best option. This software performs a variety of tasks at pixel level, but since it is made for kids aged 8 and older, it is very easy to use.

In addition to downloadable image editing software, there are also a variety of online photo editors that work directly in your browser without the need to install anything on your computer. Instead, you just need to upload your photo directly to the website, and edit it in your browser. When you’re finished editing, most will allow you to re-save the picture to your computer or share it online. One such web-based photo editor is Picnik. With the free version of Picnik, you can perform numerous photo editing tasks including cropping, resizing, color adjustments, auto-fix, and more. When you’re finished, the photo can be shared online or saved to your computer. Many online photo storage sites, such as Photobucket, also offer basic free web-based image editing software for their members.

Editing photos doesn’t need to be an expensive task. Thanks to a wide assortment of free picture software, it is possible to turn most any picture into a masterpiece without investing any additional money. When searching for a free photo editor, just make sure to choose one that is permanently free rather than one that is being offered as a free trial.

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