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Womens Trench Coats - Timeless Elegance in a Trench Coat

womens trench coat women's trench coats

Keeping warm and dry through the winter does not have to mean wearing a large, bulky parka. While a parka can keep the cold at bay, it will make you look like a snow monster. Opt instead for a timeless piece of outerwear: the trench coat.

Most historians recognize Thomas Burberry with the invention of a weather-resistant garabine wool coat in the 19th century. The coat was originally designed for practical weather resistant purposes, but now, the coat is worn for their fashionable style, especially women’s trench coats.

Unlike coats designed for men, women’s trench coats come in a variety of cuts, materials and colors. Do you need a coat to cover you from head to ankle for all over protection against the elements, or are you looking for options among women’s trench coats which have a short and flirty look to them? Consider the climate where you will use your women’s trench coat. If the temperature varies greatly or you have a generally mild winter climate with one or two weeks of deep cold winter weather, look for one of the many women’s trench coats with a removable liner. This transforms your heavy coat from one to keep you warm in bitter cold to a lighter version for warmer days.

If you live in a region with heavy rains or snows, get a women’s trench coat with a waterproof coating on the material. You should avoid leather coats as these will be damaged through exposure to moisture. Consider a design which includes a detachable hood for full protection against the rain. Burberry trench coats are ideal for rainwear, but if you live in a colder climate, opt for a North Face brand of trench coat. Both of these coats come at a premium price, but for a lower cost women’s trench coat, consider a moderately priced London Fog coat. Many other designers which do not specialize in women’s trench coats still have limited offerings, such as DKNY and Anne Klein.

Think about your style. A shorter women’s trench coat will make a woman with short legs appear taller, but a long trench coat will make a smaller woman seem to have even shorter legs. When choosing a women’s trench coat, pick one which falls below your hemline to avoid a fashion faux pas of exposing the edge of your skirt or dress to the elements.

Women’s trench coats will protect you from both wet and cold weather without sacrificing your sense of fashion.

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about 6 years ago

I am in search of a size misses 6 or 8 long ankle length thin like black or black laquer like similar coat to that of a trench plain like coat if available at a reasonable price quickly.Thank you.

If you do not have it -- will you tell me who does.