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Jones New York Dresses - An Overview of Jones New York Dresses

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Jones New York is one of several brands that are owned by the Jones Apparel Group, a Fortune 500 company that’s headquartered in Bristol, Pennsylvania. If you’re one of the many fans of Jones New York, there’s a very good chance that their dresses are one of the main reasons. Jones New York dresses are known for their classic lines, elegant style and exceptional comfort. By slipping into a Jones New York dress, you can look absolutely phenomenal without feeling pinched, squeezed or otherwise uncomfortable. If you’ve never shopped for a Jones New York dress, the following overview is a great place to begin.

The Basics About Jones New York Dresses

You don’t have to spend a lot of money in order to buy a dress from Jones New York. Depending on the style, material and design, the typical Jones New York dress costs anywhere from $100 to $200. These dresses are made out of high-quality, durable materials like linen, satin and polyester/spandex blends, ensuring that they stand the test of time. Standard sizes, called Missys, are available; they range from size 0 to size 18. There are women’s sizes available from size 14W to size 24W, and petite sizes from size 0P to size 18P. Whatever size you wear, there’s sure to be a Jones New York dress that will fit like a glove.

Little Black Dresses

Any fashionable woman knows the importance of the “little black dress.” Jones New York offers a complete line of little black dresses; their simplicity and elegance are flattering to just about anyone. One Jones New York dress is completely black, with eyelet trim; another is a V-neck suit dress that goes well with anything. The Stretch Velvet Twisty Dress is another great option, since it looks great on just about any body type.

Special Occasion Dresses

Special occasions call for exceptional outfits, and Jones New York dresses are more than up to the task. In fact, the brand offers a complete line of special occasion dresses in a bounty of eye-catching – yet understated – styles. The Stretch Satin Rosette dress fits closely around the bust and the waistline, then swings loosely just above the knees; the Prism Print Flare dress boasts an assortment of bright jewel tones and a playful look that will work great for any special event. There’s also the more conservative Floral Print dress, which falls just at the knees and looks especially great on tall women.

Floral Dresses

Finally, every woman needs at least a few floral dresses in her wardrobe; they’re perfect for the office, a special get together or just about anywhere. Jones New York floral dresses will put a spring in your step, thanks to their light pastel hues and vivid blues and pinks. The Island Floral V-Neck dress will give your day a tropical feel, while the Floral Lagoon Stretch Sateen dress is a curve-hugging delight. Make a bold statement with the Pink Hydrangea Floral Sheath dress, which is perfect for a sunny summer day. Whatever look you’re trying to achieve, there’s sure to be a Jones New York dress that will get you there.

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