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Little Tikes Sandbox - A Little Tikes Sandbox Review

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The Little Tikes Company began in 1970 and has since grown into one of the premier international manufacturers of children’s toys. The company remains headquartered in the heart of America, Hudson, Ohio. It also maintains several international locations to handle the manufacturing and distributing of products in Asia and Europe.

In the 40 years, since their inception, Little Tikes has become known for providing toys that foster the imagination of children while providing them with a source of constructive physical activity. Some of the products manufactured by Little Tikes include sports toys, trucks, riding toys, infant toys, learning development toys, creative arts development products, and outdoor playground toys. One of the most popular products, however, is the Little Tikes sandbox. The sandboxes produced by this company have now transcended generations, with new parents buying them because they were so beloved in their own childhoods.

Little Tikes sandboxes come in several styles. While some styles have been discontinued through the years, many are still available today in a variety in a variety of price ranges.

• The Classic Turtle Little Tikes Sandbox – This is the original sandbox design put out by the company. It is green plastic and circular in shape. The exact dimensions are 43”L x 47”W x 15”H with a weight of 20 lbs. This is enough to hold 150 lbs. of sand. A domed lid made to represent the turtle shell easily snaps into place to protect the sand and sand-related toys when not in use. The Turtle Sandbox lists for $39.99 and is available at retail stores or online.

• Butterfly Beach Sandbox and Wading Pool – This dual-use outdoor toy is in the shape of a butterfly with one wing being a pool and the other wing a sandbox. It includes a detachable umbrella to protect children from the sun. When not in use, the pool wing detaches and fits over the sandbox as a lid. This product is 64.2”L x 39”W x 6”H and weighs 17 lbs. It has a retail list price of $49.99.

• Endless Adventures Hidden Treasure Sandbox – The Hidden Treasure Sandbox is in the shape of a shallow treasure chest with a removable lid. This product features four seats on the corners and hidden “jewels” and “coins” molded into the inside bottom so kids can dig for buried treasure. This box is 48”L x 37”W x 14”H, weighs 17 lbs., and holds 300 lbs. of sand. It retails for $59.99.

• Sand & Water Fun Factory – This standing table sandbox features two compartments for water and sand. It has a canopy and includes several gadgets to play with in the water or sand. Drop-down lids are included to protect all the toys. This product is 36.8”L x 22”W x 56”H and weighs 35 lbs. It sells for $64.99.

• Endless Adventures Sand & Water Play Table Classic – This Little Tikes Sandbox includes 3 garden tools and 2 sand molds to maximize playtime. A storage bag is attached to the side to contain all of the instruments. Hand cranks on the side allow children to create currents in the water for sailing the two included boats. When not in use, the table folds up, storing everything inside. This set is 56.25”L x 29.25”W x 19.5”H and weighs 27 lbs. It has a list price of $69.99.

• Sand & Sea Play Table – This play table is similar to the Play Table Classic but includes an umbrella, water wheel, and bridges. The table holds 50 lbs. of sand, and it was given a 4-star rating by AblePlay, an independent evaluation service for children with special needs. This product lists at $99.99

While many parents are fiercely loyal to Little Tikes sandboxes, other parents have complained that they may not be as durable as promised. Other parents complained that the lids were not perfectly waterproof, and the sand gets weight after heavy rains. Incidents, however, seem isolated, with several consumer reviewers claiming they have had their Little Tikes sandboxes for 10 years or longer with no problems.

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