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Mother Child Necklace - Mother and Child Necklace Pendants

children circle shoe circular

Mothers, almost without exception, are proud of their children and enjoy little mementos to constantly remind them of the most important parts of their life. Some children also feel an exceptional affinity to their mothers. When a mother and daughter enjoy this relationship so much, a good way to show the world a representation of this love is through a mother child necklace.

Mother and child necklaces are come in many forms, and some mothers prefer one over another. One simple form of mother/child pendant is the silver tag necklace. This style is for a mother who could never play favorites and wants to show her love for each of her children. Although they can also come in gold, the tag necklace is often preferred in silver. Through a silver chain, circular tags inscribed with the names of the children are hung. These tags can be plain metal or can bear the birthstone of the child either directly above it or in the center of the tag, with the name inscribed below.

Another version of the mother child necklace is the baby booty or baby shoe pendant. This pendant can be in silver or 14K gold. Each shoe is about the size of a fingernail, and on the sole of the shoe is inscribed the child’s name and birthday. On the front of the shoe is bow made of the birthstone of the child.

Some mother’s like the block-style necklaces bearing the names of the children vertically. Vertical pendants are a popular style and one final block at the bottom of each pendant is adorned with the child’s birthstone.

It is not necessary to have a child’s name on a pendant to have a mother child necklace. Several designs consist entirely of an arrangement of birthstones. The Family Circle pendant is one such charm that that contains up four each of six different stones arranged in a circle. Another similar type of pendant is the Family Windows pendant. It features either a circular or heart-shaped pendant with a rim of precious metal. However, the body of the pendant is hollow and made of glass or crystal. It is then filled with several loose birthstones, creating a shimmering kaleidoscope effect.

The final mother child necklace is from a design copyrighted and licensed by Jane Russell. This pendant features a circular image in which one half becomes the body and head of a mother and the other half becomes the body and head of a child, flowing in a liquidity that makes them separate and yet one. Outstretched arms meld into each other to complete the circle. A precious stone can be placed in the bottom center of the pendant or it can remain without. A similar design, not licensed by Jane Russell is more of a 3-dimensional mother child pendant. It still uses the circular oneness of mother and child, but there can be up to three children, all holding hands in a circle. This pendant is more of a globular shape than a 2-dimensional circle, like the Jane Russell design.

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