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Microsoft Windows Xp Updates - Microsoft Windows XP Updates Continue Through 2014

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With two new versions of Windows out now, the lifetime of the popular Windows XP is on its last legs. It has been over one full year since Microsoft discontinued mainstream support of XP. Today, active support continues only on a pay-per-incident basis. Microsoft Windows XP updates have also been discontinued for hotfixes. This means Microsoft is no longer fixing issues with XP that are not security-related. Security-related updates are still available until April 8, 2014. Even though hotfixes are no longer available, it is still important to be getting the security updates. This will ensure that you are working in a safe environment, at least until 4/8/2014. After that date, it is highly recommended to abandon XP altogether. Without security updates, the operating system will become a hotbed of viruses, Trojan horses, and spyware.

Microsoft Windows XP updates are simple to accomplish and can be done in one of several ways. It can even be set to update on a fully automated cycle so you never have to worry about it again. This is the recommended setting for most people. It can be further adjusted to check for updates and download them automatically, but leave you the choice on if you want to install it manually or not. You can also set updates to check but take no further action without your approval. Lastly, you can perform the updates fully manually through your internet browser.

Unless you are part of a network controlled by the IT department at your work, configuring Microsoft XP updates is a breeze. You must be logged in as an administrator. If you only use one log-in, that one should work fine. If not, contact your network administrator for assistance.

There are two way to get to the updates configuration. The easiest is to go to the Start menu and click on Control Panel. In the Control Panel window will be either a link or an icon called Automatic Updates. Clicking on this link or icon will bring up the automatic updates. Alternatively, you can open the Start menu, click on Run, and then type “sysdm.cpl” without the quotation marks and hit Enter. This window will give you five options for controlling your Windows XP updates:

• Automatic – This setting fully automates Windows XP updates. You have the option of controlling when the system will check for updates (by exact time) and how often. You will be notified in the taskbar whenever updates are downloading or installing. If you click on the taskbar icon, you can view the process as it occurs.

• Download – This setting automatically downloads updates but lets you choose when to install them. An icon in the taskbar notifies you when updates are downloading. After downloading, you are given a message to review the downloaded updates. From this notification, you can choose to install the updates or decline them.

• Notify – This setting notifies you when updates are available, but allows you to choose if and when you want to download and install them. An icon will appear in the taskbar whenever updates are available. The icon will have the updates available that you can download or decline.

• Off – This setting turns off all automatic update settings.

If you have chosen not to use automatic updates, you can still check for updates manually. You can open Internet Explorer 8 and click on the Safety menu. Choose Windows Update from the menu to check for and download XP updates via the web. This will open the website www.update.microsoft.com and guide you through the rest of the process. Alternatively, you can open the Start menu and go to Programs. Near the top, a link should display for Microsoft Windows XP Update.

Following these instructions will ensure your Windows XP computer is safe from security issues discovered by new hacker activity.

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