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Kathy Ireland Rugs - Kathy Ireland Rugs by Shaw Flooring

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Kathy Ireland, CEO and Chief Designer of Kathy Ireland Worldwide turned her personal know-how and marketing expertise into one of the biggest and most trusted home design companies in the world. Since she started her company in 1993, her motto has been to find simple solutions for families with busy moms. Today, the company racks up $1.4 billion in sales of products including furniture, home furnishings, accessories, drapes, bedding, outdoor furniture, and garden accessories. Since 2000, Kathy has teamed up with other industry leaders to bring the best products to her loyal customers.

One of the top-selling product categories that Kathy Ireland offers are her area rugs. Kathy Ireland rugs are manufactured by Shaw Flooring, and both companies promote and sell them. The current collection of available rugs consists of 61 designs available in 2 to 14 different sizes, depending on the exact rug. They are available for sale at thousands of retail locations throughout the world and can also be purchased online through several online stores or direct from Shaw Flooring.

Some of the aspects to consider in choosing a rug are type (woven, printed, etc.), shape, colors, and price. Kathy Ireland area rugs are available in a variety of designs, including classical, Victorian, Asian, natural, and modern. Being a top interior designer, she not only offers rugs for sale but also gives her customers tips on selecting the right rug for their home. Rugs are a perfect way to lend a little style and warmth to any hard floor, especially wood and tile. Even if your home is carpeted, a rug can add a whole new dimension to the floor by varying the texture.

Area rugs are best considered the centerpiece of the floor, much like the centerpiece of a dinner table. When placing the rug, leaving even spaces on all sides can bring attention to the rug as a focal point. This works especially well in rooms that have a regular shape with a natural center. In some cases, one rug may not be enough, and two rugs of a smaller size may give just the right impression you are looking for.

If a rug will be used with furniture, a good rule of thumb is to let the front legs of the furniture rest on the rug, while the back legs rest on the bare floor or carpet. The most important point, however, is to make sure room is balanced. Not all the furniture has to fit on the rug.

Many Kathy Ireland rugs are great for the dining room. If choosing one for your dining room, not only is the size of the room important, but so is the size of the table. An area rug should extend four feet away from any edge of the table where chairs will be placed. Diners must be able to move their chairs back without having them reach the edge of the rug. In addition, no other furniture should be placed on the rug except for the table and the chairs.

Kathy Ireland rugs are very durable and handle high-traffic areas well. This is especially true of her woven rugs. Printed rugs, while less expensive, are thinner and will wear faster than woven rugs. If printed rugs are all that your budget will allow, look for the thickest one available if you plan to use it in areas with a lot of foot traffic. In most cases, however, the extra expense of a woven rug is well worth it.

The color of the rug depends on the rest of your décor. This is also true of the shape. Some décor goes better with circular or square rugs, while the standard rectangular shape is best for others. Kathy Ireland rugs come in several shapes, including rectangle, square, round, and runner.

Kathy Ireland rugs are very affordable compared to some other brands. Most designs are comparable in price by their size. A Kathy Ireland rug that is 3’ 10” x 5’ 7” lists for $209 while a larger rug with dimensions of 7’ 8” x 9’ 9” lists for $769. Some rugs are available in extra-large sizes, such as the 12’ x 15’ Provencal, listed for $1879.

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