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Kathy Ireland Office Furniture - Design a Home Office with Kathy Ireland Office Furniture by Martin

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Kathy Ireland began her career as a model and actress. In 1993 she endorsed a line of socks that became a best-selling item at Kmart stores. She was immediately offered a full clothing line, and later that year, she formed her own design company with herself as Chief Designer and CEO. Today, Kathy Ireland Worldwide pulls in over $1 billion in gross receipts and sells a full line of interior design and furniture products, including rugs, bedding, living room sets, accessories, and outdoor furniture. In the year 2000, Kathy Ireland began work to expand their name by partnering with the top manufacturers in several categories to create a top-notch “Portfolio of Brands.”

One of Kathy Ireland’s top products is her line of home office furniture. Kathy Ireland office furniture is manufactured by Martin Home Furnishings. Both Kathy Ireland and Martin work to cross-promote and market the line. Currently, the Kathy Ireland line of office furniture is composed of 25 separate collections. Each collection comes with a choice of desks, bookcases, shelves, extensions, tables, cabinets, and chairs.

Kathy Irelands Ashbury office furniture is in a modern design with a deep, chocolate wood finish and well-defined edges that create sleek lines. The collection is very functional and meant to complement a modern, urban style.

The Bradley is a one-piece collection that fuses the modern and classic. It is constructed of solid hardwood with cherry veneer and nickel knobs. The desk is called a Laptop Armoire. The top door opens to become the table surface and two bottom doors open to reveal shelving and a pull-out printer stand.

California Bungalow
This Kathy Ireland office collection is inspired by early 20th century Americana. Sleek lines and iron hardware made of iron define this furniture. It is also finished in brown mission style and finished with hand-rubbed lacquer.

The Charlotte collection mixes the contemporary with the traditional by using crown molding, a cherry finish, and cabriolet legs. Using this collection lends any home office an air of sophistication and elegant functionality.

This collection consists of a hardwood desk painted black with detailing visible underneath. The desktop, however, remains a cherry veneer in a butterfly pattern. The legs are styled with geometric fluting and the hardware is colored copper.

Contemporary Office
The Kathy Ireland Contemporary Office collection is simple and functional. The furniture is made of red oak veneers over an engineered core. This collection is sturdy enough to last for years to come.

This collection is warm and rich. It is one of the most detailed of the Kathy Ireland office collections. Cherry veneers are combined with ash burl for the borders.

The Fulton collection is designed on a modernist basis but uses traditional elements, such as picture frame details and crown molding. Hardware is done in nickel and the veneer is dark espresso.

The Grove collection is pure modern, using solid bamboo for those seeking a “green” home office. It is simple in character with mild texturing.

Huntington Club
This design is categorized as transitional. Solid hardwood is covered in a stunning cherry veneer that has been subtly light-distressed. It is both elegant and sturdy.

Huntington Oxford
The Huntington Oxford is similar to the Club, but it uses oak or slightly burnt brown finishes. It features light distressing, vertical fluting, and dentil molding.

Mission Hills
Mission Hills uses oak veneers over a solid wood core. The finish is chestnut brown with bright highlights. The edging is hand-worn, and the hardware is made of burnished brass for an antique look.

Mission Pasadena
This late 19th/early 20th century-inspired collection lends a look of rustic ruggedness by using natural wood.

Mount View
Mount View is similar to the Fontaine collection in looks and design. It is made for an executive-style office.

This Kathy Ireland office furniture collection is done in heirloom style. It features high detail and rich design.

Portland Loft
This unique style uses elm hardwood with a clove finish. It is perfectly suited to some who uses their office for artistic purposes.

This collection is done in coastal cottage style. It is painted black (Onyx) or whitewashed (Oyster) with oak tops.

Studio West
The russet finish and nickel hardware creates one of Kathy Ireland’s most simple collections of office furniture.

Tribeca Loft
This designed comes in black, white, or cherry. Edges are hand smoothed and is done in a solid, block design.

Union Square
This style uses rich natural wood with details that make it unmistakably modern. It is rich and bold.

This is one of the most vibrant of the collections. Moldings are done in solid oak and drawers are made in “finger-pull” design.

The Weston collection is best described as minimalist. This office furniture is best used to highlight the room instead of drawing attention to the furniture.

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