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Big Sister Shirts - The Benefits of Big Sister Shirts

big sister shirt

Many child psychologists believe that one of the best ways to help an older child become used to the presence of a new child is to emphasize their role as the protector and friend of the new baby. A popular way to do this is to give the child a T-shirt affirming their new role. Sales of “Big Sister” and “Big Brother” t-shirts have become very popular in recent years, because small children enjoy announcing their new status to the world. It makes them feel important, respected, and older, all aspects that young children wish they had. The great variety of designs on offer ensures that there is a make, model and design for any child, and that they can let everyone know that they are not forgotten and have a very important role in the growth and development of a new infant. Big sister shirts tend to be more popular, especially when the infant is a girl.

Stores across the country have Big Sister shirts of all shapes, styles and sizes, many with the designs of popular characters. The Disney Corporation and Nickelodeon both produce a number of shirts with their popular characters announcing that the wearer is a big sister and that they have a new and important role around the house. The general design of these shirts helps promote camaraderie and acceptance of the new baby, and in many cases they show the character on the shirt being a good big sister to one of the younger characters from the show. These shirts are available in many retail outlets and big box stores, and specific ones can even be ordered online through specialty stores. Both Disney and Nickelodeon sell a great number of shirts through their store, allowing for parents and children to sort through an almost infinite number of designs before settling on the one they want.

The biggest thing in big sister shirts online, however, is the production of customized shirts. Modern printing techniques make printing permanently on fabric almost as inexpensive and easy as printing on paper. This means that many big sister shirts can have the name of both the big sister and the little sister printed on them, along with a number of popular characters and designs, although copyrighted characters are often off limits. The creation of a customized, personalized shirt helps a young girl to know that her parents are taking care of her even though they are very busy with the new baby, and reaffirms the young girl’s new and important role in the family. These shirts can also have custom colors and layouts as well as custom names, helping to ensure that they can carefully fit the wants and needs of any girl who is now a big sister.

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