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Womens Harley Davidson Boot - Are you a Harley Woman? Try on a pair of Harley Davidson Ladies Boots and you will be

harley davidson womens boot

My late husband used to tell me that I did not know who I was. Duh. Not sure what that meant. At any rate, in the second year after he died, I was floundering and decided that maybe he was right. Maybe I should try on some new identities, find out who I was. Maybe I was meant to be a biker chick. I had met a few biker chicks, and they impressed me with their black leather Harley jackets and their apparent toughness. I admired the way they took care of their Harleys and rode them without fear. So I went out and bought a cherry red Harley Sportster. It was delivered to my home, where it sat in the garage. I got on it, and touched my toes to the floor. That was all I could do. I am so short that my legs were not long enough to straddle it and put my feet flat on the floor. I turned the key and heard that fantastic vrooooom. Placed some calls to places that could teach me to ride it, but in the end I got chicken and was terrified of it. During this biker chick experiment, I bought a glorious Harley leather jacket and a pair of Harley boots. They laced up nice and tight, and gave me great ankle support. Black and official, the Harley boots were something I was proud to own. Still have them and love them. I wear them hiking; they have been with me to the mountains of Idyllwild and to Joshua Tree National Monument. Turns out I am not a biker chick, but I sure do love my Harley boots. I bought the Dipstick Steel Toe Riding Boots because the protection of the steel feels great.

Harley boots are well made, and in fact are among the best of boots. Harley boots for women come in a variety of styles. From the seven point lace up ankle boots to the 27 point lace up Ladies Robyn Riding Boots, all Harley boots are made with full grain leather, Goodyear welts, extra support leather straps with buckles, cushion lining and inside zipper. The rubber outside soles are water resistant and thick; the heels even thicker, and the toes are formed with plenty of rooms so that there will be no toe pinching. Comfort and strength are the traits of Harley boots. As an alternative to the traditional black leather, the Harley Davidson Ladies Hustin Boots come in brown. They are designed to be pull-on boots, with top stitching and an O ring joining three leather straps crossing the top of the foot. This dusty brown color and the design of the boot is an old west look, but they have the same strong construction as all Harley boots.

The call of fashion prompted Harley to produce boots with heels, so that when not riding, a lady can still enjoy the quality of Harley boots. The Harley Davidson Simone Fashion boot has a not unreasonably high heel, and a curved top band that is top stitched. Just above the ankle, the traditional O ring with leather straps adds Harley style. There is a slip on shoe available too; the Tatum boot, with a square buckle and short heel with treaded sole has a strap across the vamp. Lastly the Harley Davidson Tyler boot in a rich brown color looks terrific with jeans and would be great for camping and long hikes. As with all Harley boots, the Harley logo is stamped or on metal components. On some styles, there are metal Skull ornamentations on the sides.

All Harley boots are constructed to last for many, many years. Prices for ladies boots are in the reasonable $70 to $110 range. If for any reason, you make a mistake on the size or if the boot is not the style you wanted, Harley’s exchange and return policy is very accommodating. When returned within fourteen days of receipt of the shoes, a full refund will be issued. Exchanges can be made within thirty days of the receipt. Boots and other Harley apparel can be purchased at every Harley Davidson motorcycle sales shop, or can be bought online at the Harley Davidson web site. Buy a pair and savor being at least a little bit of a biker chick.

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