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Ex Officio Clothing - How Ex Officio Clothing Uses Technology To Make The Ultimate In Outdoor & Travel Wear

ex officio clothing breathes the tip of the iceberg

Ex Officio Clothing produces top-of-the-line outdoor and travel wear for the ultimate outdoor and travel enthusiasts. The company calls itself “Clothing for the Adventurous Spirit” but underlying that is a serious and meticulous focus on utilizing the best in modern technology to produce clothing that is both functional, practical, and durable under the most extreme of conditions.

The Genesis of Ex Officio Clothing

It all started, if you can believe it, at a fishing trade show in 1987 when Rick Hemmerling and Joe Bolden noticed that their fellow fly-fishermen had no problem dropping thousands of dollars on rods and reels and other top quality sporting equipment but couldn’t find a stitch of clothing to take out fishing that was made nearly as durable and fitting for the environs and activity as any of their sporting equipment was. So they became inspired, first to develop the perfect ventilated shirt.

What resulted was the first item in what was to become the abundant Ex Officio Clothing line. They called it the Baja, its design based on the feedback from all the fellow sportsmen Rick and Joe interviewed at that trade show. Features of the original Baja shirt included the installation and ample pockets. It was deemed the fledgling company’s first climate controlled shirt. The rest, as they say, is history and today, more than 20 years later, Ex Officio Clothing offers a full line of ventilated shirts, along with full lines of T-shirts, pants, shorts, underwear, sweaters, outerwear, and even shoes, hats, and accessories, for men women and children.

Ex Officio Clothing Breathes

Over the coming years, Ex Officio Clothing invented several new fabric technologies starting with Nycott, allowing them to make the Amphi, the first 100% nylon pants. Ex Officio Clothing was also the first company to build briefs into non-elastic waist pants. At the turn of the millennium ex officio rolled out its odor resistant Give-N-Go stretch underwear which is made of a super fine, breathable mesh material.

Ex Officio Clothing Has UV Sun Protection

Then high-performance convertible clothing was next on Ex Officio Clothing’s product development slate, followed shortly thereafter by the AirStrip, the first synthetic shirt to have built in UV sun protection. It also had its own unique built-in ventilation system, making it as comfortable to wear as cotton yet able to wick sweat and therefore keep its wearer from feeling clammy and sticky inside. Ex Officio Clothing also introduced a sun collar adjustable in three positions to protect hairline jaw and neck from UV exposure. And for when it’s not so sunny and you’re caught out in the elements unprepared, Ex Officio closing is also quick drying.

Indestructible Ex Officio Buttons (and Valuables) Stay On

As the Ex Officio Clothing line spread, the company noticed that people were taking their apparel on lengthier and more intense extended trips, sometimes wearing the same Ex Officio Clothing items day after day. So the company invented their indestructible button system to enable those items to withstand such intense use. Similarly, they also began incorporating hidden security zipper pockets into their clothing for travelers needing safe and secure places on their person to carry precious valuables around with them.

Buzz Off Insect Shield Ex Officio Clothing

One of the truly original Ex Officio offerings is Buzz-Off Insect Shield Clothing, a full line made with a built-in non-toxic and odorless insect repellent that is good for up to 70 washings. For that matter, there’s also the Neptune Nick bacteria killing fabric.

The Tip of The Iceberg

The ways in which Ex Officio Clothing keeps you comfortable and secure on the road or off the beaten path don’t stop there. For example, there’s also a complete eco-friendly line of Ex Officio Clothing and special sizing for all their most popular items. Truly this is but the tip of the technology iceberg at Ex Officio Clothing.

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