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New Balance Kids Shoes - 5 Great Models of New Balance Kids Shoes for Preschoolers

1. new balance k7500spp 2. new balance ka645grp 3. new balance kj993pkp 4. new balance kx623awy 5. new balance kv993nvp

Children are constantly on their feet, whether they are running around on the playground or playing with the dog. As such, kids’ shoes receive some serious wear and tear. This is why it is important to invest in a pair of kids shoes that will hold up during heavy use. Several models of New Balance kids’ shoes fit this requirement perfectly. New Balance kids’ shoes are made for infants, preschoolers and grade school kids. All the kids’ shoes by New Balance are of a high quality, but these five models of New Balance preschool shoes are the best for children ages three to five.

1. New Balance K7500SPP

These New Balance kids shoes are for kids and parents who like to dress stylishly. This combination of fashion and function features New Balance Pulse cushioning technology. Located in the heel of the shoe, this New Balance Pulse cushioning absorbs shock, thus providing extra comfort. The K7500SPP New Balance kids shoe comes in medium and wide widths.

2. New Balance KA645GRP

Perfect for camping trips and other outdoor excursions, these rugged kids New Balance shoes are simultaneously lightweight and durable. They are made to put up with abuse while still retaining an acceptable appearance for school and other activities. Extra durability is provided by the New Balance kids shoe’s rubber cup midsole.

3. New Balance KJ993PKP

The KJ993PKP New Balance children’s shoes are a smaller version of the popular New Balance 993 running shoes for adults. These kids’ shoes from New Balance are perfect for the little runner in your family! The model features an injected-molded EVA foam, or IMEVA midsole that provides additional cushioning. There is also ABZORB cushioning in the heel of the shoe. The ABZORB cushioning acts as an effective shock absorber.

4. New Balance KX623AWY

As with the KJ993PKP, the KX623AWY was inspired by a popular adult shoe by New Balance. These New Balance shoes for kids are a miniature version of the adult 623 cross-trainer. Coming in medium, wide and extra wide widths, these New Balance kids’ cross-trainers are perfect for children with extra wide feet. The premium leather kids shoes by New Balance also provide a better look for kids who refuse to wear dress shoes.

5. New Balance KV993NVP

Yet another New Balance kids shoe inspired by the popular adult 993 model, the KV993NVP provide an easy solution for kids who are not yet able to tie their own shoes, and parents who are sick of constantly tying the laces for them. Equipped with a special hook and loop closure, these New Balance kids shoes are every bit as form fitting as laced shoes, but much easier for small children to put on correctly.

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