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Queen Mattress Size - The Benefits of Choosing A Queen Mattress Size Bed

sleep bedroom guest thickness

How physically and mentally rested and energized you feel each day can be directly affected by how well you sleep at night. Basically, it is impossible to sleep well on a mattress that is uncomfortably small.

There are numerous benefits to selecting a queen size mattress. Most importantly, they offer you more area to sleep on. A queen size mattress measures 60" X 80", making it 6" wider and 5" longer than a full size mattress. Once you sleep on a queen size mattress you will be surprised at how much difference those few additional inches make.

Sometimes, a couple may find a full size bed too small for comfort, but their master bedroom or budget may not be large enough to accommodate a king size bed. A queen size mattress may be the ideal solution. There is no reason to feel apprehensive about being able to afford bedding for a queen size bed. You simply need to be a savvy shopper. If you watch for bedding sales, you can find bed sets that fit a queen size mattress at the same price as sets for a full size mattress.

The guest bedroom is an excellent place to add a queen mattress size futon or bed. The larger mattress will allow them sleep more comfortably than they would on a smaller bed. Your guest will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

When you begin exploring the queen mattress options available, you will discover that the options are just as diverse for a mattress of this size as they are for any other size mattress. You will need to physically explore the level of firmness to decide which is the most appealing to you. A queen size memory foam mattress may be the most ideal way to attain the best sleep. Memory foam mattresses contour to each person’s body shape which eliminates one person from being affected by the movement of the other person.

The thickness of queen size mattresses varies. Deciding on which thickness you prefer is basically a personal choice. You will want to be certain that the bed sets you purchase will appropriately fit the mattress thickness you choose.

Not only do you want the bed in a master bedroom or guest room to be comfortable, you want it to look good. Most often, the bed is the focal point of the room. From a decorative point of view, a queen size bed actually enhances the appearance of a room. It seems to add an element of sophistication. Even if you need to be creative with your other furniture selections, the ability to achieve a good night’s sleep on a queen size mattress makes it worth the decorative challenge.

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