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Cell Phones No Contract - Choosing No Contract Cell Phones

cell phones & cell phone plans

People have many reasons for wanting to buy a new cell phone without having to commit to a new contract. Some people are already in a contract and just want a new phone. Some people broke their phone and they have no insurance. Some people are just sick and tired of all the charges the big companies like to impose. Whatever the reason, it is a simple matter to buy a no contract cell phone.

No contract cell phones can be purchased from any wireless provider. Go to your favorite and they will be happy to sell you a new phone without having to sign a contract. The catch is that if you don’t take the contract, the phone you want will cost you hundreds of dollars more than if you took the 2-two commitment along with it. If it sounds unappealing to shell out several hundreds of dollars on a phone, there are several options.

The first thing you want to do is make sure that if your old phone is damaged, nothing can be done to replace it. This includes an insurance plan, warranties, or free upgrades. Barring that, you may be able to find a discounted or used phone on the internet. These phones come in three varieties:

• Locked – This type of phone can only be used with the wireless provider it was made for. If you buy this type of no contract cell phone, then be sure the carrier is one to your liking.
• Unlocked – This type of phone can be used with more than one carrier, but you have to check first if the carrier will accept it or not. Some wireless providers make it their policy not to accept some models of phone.
SIM card – This type of phone uses a card that is programmed by a wireless provided to work with their system. You have to visit the provider and get a card from them or have them program the card that is currently in the phone.

Some good places to find cheap no contract cell phones on the internet are Amazon.com and eBay. Other dedicated online cell phone stores also offer great deals.

Another option for purchasing a no contract cell phone is to go with a prepaid phone, also called a pay-as-you-go phone. Several companies offer this service. You buy talk time in advance and then use it until it runs out. These phones have a higher per-minute rate than contract phones, but also, minutes are wasted at the end of the month by not being used.

The last option for purchasing a no contract cell phone is to use an unlimited company. Several smaller companies in select regions of the U.S. offer unlimited, no contract cell phone plans. The problem is that they are regional. If you travel outside the local or state region, or anywhere not covered by the company, you will incur additional roaming charges.

Although buying a cell phone with a contract is the cheapest and easiest option, there are alternatives that thousands of other people prefer to use.

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