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Pick Up Truck Rental - A Guide to Pickup Truck Rental

companies offer cargo time

Not everyone has a need to own a pickup truck, but most of us, from time-to-time, find ourselves in situations where one would be useful. For those of us lucky enough, we can borrow our friend’s pickup. For those without this luxury, we can still turn to pickup truck rental. Pickup trucks are great to move furniture, appliances, and other household items. Because they are designed to carry heavy loads, they can also be used for pulling trailers.

Hiring a moving company can be expensive and a headache to arrange when time is a priority. It is easier and cheaper to rent a pickup truck. Pickup trucks are also easier to drive when a full-size moving truck is not needed. Many companies offer pickup truck rental by the hour or by the day for people who need to do a little hauling. When renting a truck, it is also possible to rent accessories to make the job even easier. Some of these accessories include ramps for loading and unloading, pads to prevent damage to the truck or the cargo, and tie-down straps to secure the cargo in place.

Sometimes, cargo and hauling are not the primary concern of those seeking a pickup truck rental. Sometimes it is all about the terrain. Many outdoor vacationers like to rent a pickup truck when they go on an excursion to an isolated wilderness area for camping, hunting, fishing, or hiking. Pickup trucks are not only perfect for carrying all the gear, but they have the power to navigate rugged terrain.

For long-distance moves, many companies offer one-way pickup truck rental. This means you can move to a different city and return the truck to a location at the destination instead of having to take it all the way back. This service is both convenient and affordable.

The best rates for pickup truck rental are usually those that charge daily. When considering price, always make sure to watch for mileage charges. Many companies offer unlimited mileage. Some pickup truck rental companies offer a certain amount of miles free. Other companies charge for each and every mile driven. For short jobs, an hourly pickup rental could be the best bet. Home Depot offers an hourly truck rental that is very affordable, and they extend the first hour to 75 minutes. Some other companies that offer pickup truck rental include Enterprise Rent-A-Car, U-haul, Hertz, and RentAWreck.

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