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pregnancy size panel tops

Finding out you are pregnant can be an exciting but stressful time. Adding to the stress of carrying and preparing for the baby is having to acquire a whole new wardrobe of maternity clothes. The stress this creates is many-fold: spending money, shopping, finding styles, and trying to stay looking your best. Maternity clothes are all a part of motherhood, and there is no reason to stress about it.

First of all, you will not need maternity clothes until your second trimester. That gives you three months, and sometimes more, to find your clothes. There’s no need to rush right out the day after you find you are pregnant. If you are afraid of showing, chances are that you already have some loose-fitting clothes in your closet that can hide the bump. If you live with the father, don’t be afraid to check out his closet. If you just need a little breathing room, you can always use hair ties to loop around the fastener of your jeans and through the buttonhole for an extra inch or two. With a little creativity, you are safe from spending.

When you near your second trimester (month 4), you might want to consider purchasing a product called the BellaBand. This is an elastic tube-top-like garment that goes over the top of your pants and part of your belly to support both your clothes and your tummy. To save money, consider purchasing an off-brand “belly band.” You don’t need the name-brand original.

The second trimester will reveal how you will carry your baby, so you can buy clothing fit to your personal situation. While some women carry most of their weight in the abdominal area, others gain in their thighs, buttocks, and hips. Don’t buy too many pieces of clothing right away. Give your body some time to develop. At the same time, never wear anything uncomfortable. It will only get on your nerves and possibly constrict the baby.

When purchasing pants or jeans, many maternity sizes are adjusted to be the same as your regular size. A size-chart should be provided in either case. You will have three basic styles to choose from: demi-panel pants rest low on the belly, full-panel pants cover the belly, and roll-panel can be adjusted to wear either way. The choice is one that is mostly personal. Neither is better or worse for the baby. Many women tend to choose demi-panel early in the pregnancy and go with a full-panel as their belly enlarges later on. To save money, buy neutral colors. This will allow you to get away with just a couple pair that can be matched with a variety of tops.

When looking for maternity tops, again, most will be labeled with your size before pregnancy. Many maternity tops are made of flexible, stretchy material that will last throughout the pregnancy. In some cases, these tops may even be able to be used after giving birth, as they reduce to a very small size. Another good choice in maternity clothes for the later stages of pregnancy are tops that tie in the back. These are adjustable enough to make sure you are as comfortable as possible.

Dresses are always a good choice in maternity clothes. Dresses without a distinct waistline will give you room to grow. They can often be worn throughout the pregnancy. Dresses can be matched with leggings and cardigan sweaters when the weather turns chilly.

The final consideration in maternity clothes is underwear. Your breasts will grow and require at least one bigger size in width and cup. A sleep bra can help maintain comfort at night, while a nursing bra should be purchased near the due date.

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Yes, it is very important to choose the suitable maternity clothes.