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Nortons Anti Virus - Nortons Anti Virus Still Runs Strong

antivirus version program system

The first edition of Norton AntiVirus was developed in the late 1980s by Peter Norton Computing. Peter Norton led his company in creating several computer utility software products using the DOS operating system. In 1990, Peter Norton Computing was bought by Symantec who further developed the Norton technology, including that used in its antivirus program. Symantec was founded in 1982 by a group of early computer scientists. Today, the company employs over 17,500 people in 40 countries, providing system management, storage, and security systems, with Norton AntiVirus being their flagship product.

Norton’s anti virus program steadily gained popularity throughout the 1990s and 2000s. Version 13, introduced in 2006 is still supported, but this version was also badly reviewed for severely impacting overall system performance. The 2006 version, however, introduced protection against homepage hijacking, but missing was protection against hijacking of search engines.

Symantec tried to address the concerns of their customers by rewriting 80% of the program for version 14, released the following year. Reviewers note that some system resources issues were solved, but performance of virus detection was detrimentally affected. The next version, introduced in 2008, includes real-time protection and SONAR, which looks for applications that are behaving in a suspicious manner.

Norton AntiVirus went through another major change with version 16 in 2009. Over 300 changes were made to address performance. Their stated goal was to create an antivirus program that had “zero-impact” on the performance of the system. This version beat most other antivirus programs in installation time, scan time, and in efficiency of memory utilization. Additionally, this version consolidated all the settings into one interface. The interface also displays how much of the CPU is being used and how much of that usage is due to Norton. Norton Insight was also introduced in this release. Norton Insight is a technology that creates a continually updated white list in order to cut scan times.

In order to help defeat viruses and malware, Norton introduced speedy update delivery to its antivirus program. This caused a problem because the updates are delivered before they can be thoroughly tested. Several instances of legitimate programs being detected and either removed or rendered useless by Norton have been recorded. Symantec, however, has always fixed the problem as soon as it could.

The 2010 version of Nortons anti virus program has several new features, including SONAR 2. SONAR 2 is more efficient and accurate at detecting malware. The interface has also been updated to appear less “car-like.” The upgraded bootable system recovery tool can also be a lifesaver when viruses cause a loss of operating system function. The actual actions being taken by the software are also more transparent, so users can check to see what the program is doing. This can give users a better understanding of the Norton AntiVirus. Symantec has tried to get all past-users to upgrade to the 2010 version by offering a free download to anyone using the 2006 through the 2009 versions.

Norton AntiVirus continues to be the best-selling antivirus software on the market. Symantec updates the software every autumn of the previous year.

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