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Dirt Devil Vacuums - History of Dirt Devil Vacuums

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The ubiquitous Dirt Devil vacuums seen in thousands, if not millions, of North American homes, are a product and subsidiary company of TTI Floor Care. TTI was once known as the P.A. Geier Company, founded in 1905 as one of the world’s first vacuum cleaner manufacturers. Their original product was the Royal vacuum, and they were made by hand by Mr. Geier in the garage of his Cleveland, OH home. As the company grew, Geier moved his business into a 4-story building and began to produce washing machines, hair dryers, and electric mixers alongside his vacuum cleaners.

In 1937, Geier introduced the Royal Prince, the world’s first hand-held vacuum cleaner. Soon afterward, he moved his company into military production to help in the wartime effort. After the war, he ramped up vacuum cleaner production and profited greatly from post-war sales until 1953, when he sold the company to an investment group. It was renamed Royal Appliance Manufacturing, but within the year, they dissolved the company. In 1954, it was bought by a group of employees lead by Stan Erbor. Erbor ran the company until his death in 1981.

After Erbor’s death, another investment group bought the company that would soon produce the Dirt Devil vacuum. The company began to expand and market their products to the growing number discount retail chains such as Walmart and Kmart. To coincide with their new marketing strategy, they introduced the Royal Dirt Devil hand-held vacuum cleaner, which soon became the company’s signature product. Shortly after introduction, they dropped the “Royal” from the Dirt Devil name and it became the largest-selling hand-held vacuum in U.S. history. Today, over 23 million Dirt Devil vacuums have been sold, bringing in over $400 million in sales annually.

The Dirt Devil line has expanded far beyond hand-held vacuums. Several new products now carry the Dirt Devil name, which enjoys brand recognition by 98% of U.S. households. The Dirt Devil line now includes the following categories:

• Hand vacuums – These are the small units held in one-hand to be used for fast cleaning of small messes. The hand-held line contains 20 products, corded and cordless, of varying power.

• Upright vacuums – Upright Dirt Devils are the vacuum of choice for most American homes. Their attachments make them versatile, and their motors make them strong and effective. 13 varieties of upright Dirt Devil vacuums are available in both bagged and bagless design.

• Canister vacuums – Dirt Devil canister vacs are great for cleaning hard-to-reach areas. They are also good for rooms with hardwood floors. There are 8 products in this line.

• Stick vacuums – Stick vacuums are one of the newest designs. They combine the lightness and portability of the hand-held vacuum with the larger head of the upright style. They are perfect for hard floors. 14 varieties of stick vacuums are sold by Dirt Devil.

• Designer vacuums – In the mid-2000s, Dirt Devil designer vacuums were introduced. These products are designed by Karim Rashid and offer an aesthetic quality unlike any other vacuum on the market. Products include the KURV, the KONE, and the BRUM.

• Carpet Cleaners – Dirt Devil carpet shampooers are considered some of the best on the market. 12 different steamers and shampooers are now available for sale, ranging from small spot-scrubbers, to large, full-house machines.

• Steam Cleaners – Dirt Devil steam cleaners are their newest line. They resemble stick vacs, but they are steam mops designed to easily clean hard floor surfaces.

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