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Lawn Boy Parts - Lawn Boy Parts Available for Hundreds of Models

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Lawn-Boy is one of the most recognized brands in lawn care. It began in 1907 when Ole Evinrude designed his first outboard boat motor. Ole’s son Ralph took over the company upon his death in 1934. That same year, they produced their first lawnmower, a one-handed reel-powered unit. The company eventually merged with others to become the Outboard Marine and Manufacturing Company. They built their first rotary lawnmower in 1952 after acquiring the Rotary Power Mower Company who had sold large orders through Sear Roebuck and other businesses. While they had previously used the brand name of Lawn-Boy, this was the first mower to really popularize the name.

The company’s next major success was with the QUIETFLITE. With the QUIETFLITE, the Lawn-Boy parts were sealed inside a case and insulated so noise was greatly reduced. In the 1960s, Lawn-Boy parts were used to build a variety of motorized lawn care products such as snow blowers, tillers, and riding mowers. Lawn-Boy moved their headquarters in 1963 to the small, rural city of Galesburg, Illinois. The 1970s were another innovative decade for the company. Among the greatest of Lawn-Boy parts was created with the invention of the 2-cycle “F” engine.

The next major change for Lawn-Boy would come in 1989 when they were bought by their strongest competitor – The Toro Company. Lawn-Boy moved into the Toro headquarters in 1992 in Bloomington, Minnesota, where they are still located today.

Lawn-Boy parts continue to be innovative and popular. They have the strongest brand loyalty of any lawn care company with 58% of product owners buying Lawn-Boy parts and equipment again. In 1998, they released their DuraForce 2-cycle engine to meet with environmental requirements. Unlike other environmental products, the DuraForce engine had even more power than previous models, becoming the first walk-behind mower engine with over 6.5 horsepower. In 2005, the company began marketing their new walk-behind mowers that featured zero-radius turning.

Lawn-Boy mowers are highly durable and extremely repairable should a part fail. Lawn-Boy parts are sold by retailers all over the country. They are not available to order directly from the company, as Lawn-Boy strives to support their retailers.

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