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Fresh Look Contacts - You can have a wardrobe of eye colors with FreshLook contact lenses

fresh look contact lenses fresh look contact lens

FreshLook contact lenses to correct near sighted-ness, far sighted-ness, or astigmatism are available in beautiful eye enhancing colors. If your eyes are a not an inspiring color, and you would like to spark up your face a bit, then try Fresh Look contacts. The color choices are several shades of blue, green, hazel, brown, grey, and honey.

Today, you do not need to be satisfied with plain contact lenses. Use your contacts to give a fresh look to your face. FreshLook contacts come in packages of six and can correct your vision while making your eyes look more beautiful. Even the deepest brown eyes can be changed to shades of blue, violet, grey, or hazel. For light colored eyes, color choices that are best are Sea Green, Carribean Aqua, or Pacific Blue. All the colors are created to replicate the look of the natural eye, with striads of colors blended to create just the shade you want. If your vision needs no correction, you can still wear the Fresh Look contacts, after you are fitted for the proper size by an optometrist and the measurements sent to Fresh Look with your order.

As with any artificial addition to your body, you must be sure that cleaniless is observed. FreshLook contacts should be used in accord with the specifications for time periods and conditions. If you use eye makeup, that is fine, but it should not contaminate the contact lenses themselves. As with most contacts, it is wise to remove them for sleeping. FreshLook contacts can be worn daily and cleaned daily for two weeks before disposal, or in accord with wearing instructions from your eye care professional. You can order in as many colors as you like, creating an entire wardrobe of eye enhancing, bewitching colors. As for price, you can pay the retail price at your eye care facility or you can order via Lens.com, where prices are much lower. Lens.com offers FreshLook color lenses for about $27 per eye for three boxes. That is, you order 3 boxes for each eye for a price of $27 per eye. The normal retail price quoted for FreshLook color contact lenses is about $30 per box.

FreshLook will send you a free trial pair if you tell about yourself on their web site to get an online certificate printed out to take to your eye care professional where you will be given a free pair in the color of your choice. Two of the most beautiful shades are the amethyst and the gemstone green. The colors do not fade, and you do not see things colored differently because of the shade of the lenses. Care should be taken if you wear your contacts while showering, to keep shampoos and other cleaning agents out of your eyes as well as shower water which may contain microbes. Closing your eyes while rinsing is recommended. You can swim with your contacts in, but should wear swim goggles if you do so. The chemicals in pool water may affect your eyes, and sting or be uncomfortable. Also, there is the possibility that pool water may be contaminated with bacteria that may adversely affect your eyes when contact lenses are being worn.

Not sure how you would look with FreshLook color contacts? The FreshLook web site allows you to upload your own photo and try the different lens colors. Just take a good head-on photo shot and upload it to get started with the color trying on process. If you have no photo, just look at the model photos already on the site to see the colors with differing faces and complexions. A face that is similar to yours will give you an idea how the different lens colors would appear on your own face. There are stories from women who use FreshLook lenses, in the “Share Your Story” link. They describe their own experiences in using the lenses, and how they changed their appearance. A young woman who had eyes she describes as “insanely dark brown” tried the green lenses and found that despite the dark color of her own eyes, the green was a distinctive color change. Others use hazel, grey, or honey color lenses to fit her mood or ensemble.

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