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Framed World Map - A Framed World Map can Add Importance and Drama to a Room

maps offers pins wall

If you have ever done any business at the international level, you probably know the pleasure of putting push pins in each new sales location. It makes you feel like the master of the planet, even if you are just selling widgets. What does a world map do? It gives you a global perspective and keeps you thinking and planning on a grander scale. That is the value of a world map. It is more than just pretty colors, cities marked, and boundaries lined. It is about the world at large and your private world as well. A world map hanging on the wall reminds you and others that you know your place in the scheme of things.

It is a completely affordable and wonderful graphic to put up in the den or office. Some people even cover an entire wall with a mural map. There are a number of types of maps and many map vendors who can be located online within seconds. To begin with, there are historical maps for history buffs. The National Geographic published a world map in December of 1943, with boundaries as of 1939. The map reveals a world lost and reshaped by the end of war agreements. A reproduction of a very early map made by Gerardus Mercator, dated in the 1500s, was the first map to depict the round planet on a flat surface with as much accuracy as was possible at that time. To this day, we have mercator maps. Sadly, Mercator paid for his innovation with prison as a heretic. You can order a framed copy of this world map from www.allposters.com.

The many types of maps are listed by Wikipedia, and include contour maps, dymaxion maps, fantasy maps, nautical charts, illustrated or pictorial maps, road and street maps, topographic maps and thematic maps. A number of artists make special decorative maps to order. Websitemaps.com is a custom map design company which charges a minimum of $60 for a custom map of any area you wish. You can order a map of your country, city, or neighborhood or you can order a custom illustrated map showing the directions to your party. Mapcenter.com offers maps that are designed to handle many map pins, with cushioning to hold the pins without leaving holes. Mapcenter also offers politically colored, physically colored, and thematic maps. The sizes of the framed world maps range from under 38 inches wide to over 60 inches wide.

Omnimap.com offers specialty framed world maps, such as the upside down map. the world cities at night map. the children’s map of world inventions and explorers, and the prehistoric world map. Most of these maps from Omnimap are in fact not framed; you will have to have them framed locally at a frame shop. They are included in this review because of the unique types of maps that are offered. Omnimap does stock framed world maps, mounted with foam core for use with either map pins or a magnetic version on which you can use dry-erase markers. These world maps range in price from $299 to $350. One of the most accurate world maps is the Peters Projection map, which depicts the continents in their true size relation to one another. With this map, one can see how really big Greenland is in comparison to the United States. The map is offered unframed, but deserves mention for its rarity.

Swift Maps has a wide selection of world maps, sized 36 × 60 inches, on either laminated canvas or framed, for prices as low as $13. Larger 48 × 78 inch maps are priced at about $35. The types of world maps that Swift offers is varied: classic, contemporary, antique, in Spanish or other languages, children’s maps or hemisphere maps. Mural maps are also offered, in wallpaper form, to create an impressive wall decor. The world upside down is available, framed or on canvas laminated, in a 36 × 56 inch size, for $35. Maps International, a map company located in Britain, offers world maps in a choice of dark mahogany, birch, or walnut wood finishes. The world political wall map with flags of all the nations is a popular choice. It can be personalized with a colored border and subtitles that pertain to you and your business, travels, or family adventures.

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