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Van Eli Shoes - Van Eli Shoes Are In Demand

boots heel colors perfect

The popular and stylish Van Eli Shoes for women come in more than 2,000 different designs. This gives any shoe-lover enough choices to pick from and also enough colors to add to their shoe collection. From cork wedges to high boots and many simple sandals and pumps in between, the Van Eli Shoes are very much in demand. From a cost of $26 up to and including $240, a pair of Van Eli Shoes will be a comfortable and fashionable investment.

There are attractive casual and dressy flats in many colors, mostly black, white, gray, beige or a combination of these colors. Closed-in pumps are perfect for the conservative office worker and these mostly come in a low heel in white, black, navy or beige. Several of the Van Eli Shoes also come in reds and snake prints. Many of the Van Eli Shoes only have a 1/2 inch heel. Not too many of them will have a heel higher than 3 inches, which makes comfort a very important and common feature of the Van Eli Shoes. Many sandals, slingbacks and clogs are perfect for the hot summer weather. Many of these shoes also come in dressy styles as well as the casual. Some of these Van Eli Shoes are perfect for either casual or dressy.

There are several choices of boots in the Van Eli Shoes collection. Some of them are considered rain boots and should only be used in the rain. There are also the high boots made especially for the cold and snows of the winter season.

The material used to make the Van Eli Shoes include leather, patent leather, cork, suede, some wood and even metallic mesh. Van Eli Shoes are made to impress the young as well as the older women since they have such a variety of styles and heel sizes. They are made to attract favorable attention to the woman who wears them, and they are made to last and withstand any type of walking surface or weather.

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almost 6 years ago

We have a photograph of your Vaneli shoe that we would like to know if you are still making it? There are numerous women who would like to purchase this shoe!

I will send you (the corporate headquaters of Vaneli) if you would be so kind to send us their address!

Thank you in advance:

Leah T. Cohen