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Central Air Units - Information On Central Air Units

heat conditioning home temperature

An air conditioning unit is an appliance that is used in your home that is meant to dehumidify and extract the heat out of the area. A refrigeration cycle is used to do the cooling by means of a heat pump that transfers the heat from a low temperature heat source into a higher temperature heat sink.

Central air units have ducts to distribute the cool air to different rooms and has benefits such as pulling air through a filter, which collects particles and pollutants and has a lowered noise level with it’s condenser unit being located outside.

HVAC systems are controlled by thermostats, which turn the system on and off. Usually speaking, central air units that also heat the building, have separate control systems in order to control the temperature in a one way manner. This means that when it is cold outside, the building won’t be cooled by the system when it becomes too hot.

Depending on what part of the globe you live in, having central air is either a luxury or a necessity. When you live in a humid and tropical place, such as Florida, it is a necessity to have a home that has central air. In fact, nowadays there aren’t too many places left without central air. Not too worry because if your home didn’t have central air, you at least had several window units. In other parts of the region, such as New England, having central air is not so common. Many of the new construction homes are built with central air conditioning units but with so many older dwellings, central air can be few and far between.

In other places on the globe, such as Asia and Middle Eastern nations, mainly urbanized areas, air conditioning is typically seen as a necessity because of the high summer time temperatures. In European countries, air conditioning in the home is less common because of the moderate temperatures and higher energy costs.

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