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Gastric Bypass Cost - Average Gastric Bypass Cost For Potential Patients

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Obesity is a health condition that is not only uncomfortable, but can lead to a number of dangerous health problems. Obese individuals find themselves at a greatly increased risk of diabetes, heart disease, and injury, among other diseases and conditions. Fortunately, gastric bypass surgery makes it easier than ever for extremely over-weight individuals to lose weight and begin a healthy lifestyle. While gastric bypass surgery may be a potentially life saving surgery for the obese, many people wonder about the average gastric bypass cost and whether this surgery is right for them.

Gastric Bypass Cost: The Average Cost Of Surgery

The average cost of gastric bypass surgery is approximately $20,000 to $35,000. While these prices may be high, potential patients need to consider that losing weight may greatly improve their health and lower the cost of future health care. The costs associated with this surgery are due to hospital stays, consultations and other doctor visits, anesthesia, and the services rendered by the surgeon. As most major surgeries, gastric bypass surgery is a delicate procedure that requires adequate recovery time and may incur additional costs if the patient were to suffer from side effects or other problems during surgery.

Potential gastric bypass patients also need to consider the new costs that life after surgery will incur. Patients will need to consider that they will need to purchase health foods, gym memberships, and other tools to aid them in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. While these costs may seem minimal when compared to the high cost of surgery, they should also be taken into consideration before making the decision to undergo surgery.

Gastric Bypass Cost: What Will Health Insurance Cover?

While the cost of gastric bypass surgery is high, most insurance companies are covering a great percentage of this surgery for patients that meet their qualifications. Many insurance companies require that potential gastric bypass recipients have made great efforts to lose weight in the past and have simply not been able to lose the weight on their own. Insurance companies also require that potential patients are at least 100 pounds overweight and have been at least 100 pounds overweight for five or more years. In addition, most insurance companies also require verification that potential patients do not suffer from alcoholism or any known mental health disorders, including depression. Fortunately, if a patient meets these qualifications, they will find that their insurance company will cover most, if not all, of the costs of gastric bypass surgery.

Is Gastric Bypass Surgery Worth The Cost?

For obese individuals that are at least 100 pounds overweight, gastric bypass surgery is well worth the cost. Even in the case that a patient’s insurance will not cover the costs of surgery, gastric bypass surgery can greatly reduce health risks and therefore, the potential cost of health care in the future. For this reason, obese individuals should greatly consider gastric bypass surgery as a means to begin improving their health, lose weight, and also as a means to truly give themselves a chance to make a new, better life for themselves, no matter the cost.

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