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Phaser 8400 Ink - How to Purchase Phaser 8400 Ink

printer xerox provides images

The Phaser 8400 is a Xerox product that is currently no longer sold as new. Individuals who own a Phaser 8400 may still purchase Phaser 8400 ink through the Xerox website. Those who want to purchase a Phaser 8400 printer should consider a Phaser 8450 printer. The current Phaser 8400 accepts solid ink sticks in black, cyan, magenta, and yellow. Each package comes with 3 sticks and can print 3,400 pages per package. The costs for the sticks range in price from $77 to $116 per package, depending on the color of the ink.

Phaser 8400 ink provides an alternative to laser printing. Phaser 8400 ink is affordable. This ink provides a quality image at the cost of black and white prints produced. This type of ink and printer technology purportedly provides a more saturated and consistent image on a variety of printing surfaces. The Phaser 8400 printer provides the user with automatic color correction. This feature allows the printer to determine the best printing method for graphics and test printed on the page. In photo mode, Phaser 8400 ink provides the user with a realistic replication of original image.

Phaser 8400 ink is environmentally safe. Because Phaser 8400 ink is available in stick format, virtually none of the ink is wasted. Users can print up to 24 ppm with the Phaser 8400. Even at this speed, the color images are realistic and stunning. After warming the printer and ink, the first page is delivered to the user within 6 seconds. The Phaser 8400 produces images at 600×600 dpi.

Xerox is the only company that utilizes solid ink technology. The printer releases silicone oil to the printer roller for reliable Phaser 8400 ink release. The maintenance roller has a lifetime up to 40,000 prints. With this technology, all of the colors in the ink compartment can be released simultaneously on the roller. This process allows the images to be printed in a single pass, rather than multiple passes. Images can be reproduced on a wide variety of paper sizes and paper quality. Phaser 8400 ink sets quickly on virtually any type of paper. The faster the bonding time, the less likely the image will smear. This typically takes under 4 seconds.

The Phaser 8400 ink sticks can be loaded quickly within a few minutes. This ease of this process is amazingly simple. The printer does not have to go offline for this process to occur. The ink loader may also be replenished before longer jobs to avoid interruptions. The typical Xerox Phaser 8400 printer can print up to 85,000 pages per month and still maintain optimal performance.

The Phaser 8400 is a professional quality printer. The Phaser 8400 ink technology is superior to other processes and is preferred by many companies in the industry. Its environmental factors are a key selling point for individuals in Generation Y. The Phaser 8400 ink is more expensive than the typical ink. However, the print quality is outstanding. Phaser 8400 ink will continue to be offered to customers on www.xerox.com.

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