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Mcculloch Steam Cleaner - The McCullough Steam Cleaner Really Does the Cleaning You Need

power watts handheld job

A McCullough Steam Cleaner comes in several different models, each designed to do an excellent job of cleaning dirt, grease and grime from trucks, cycles, boats and cars. The McCullough MC-1275 Heavy Duty Steam Cleaner is a strong cleaner that uses 1500 watts of steam power. No piece of grime or stain will be left on the vehicle after this McCullough Steam Cleaner does the job. This is all done by using only water, and adding no chemicals.

A smaller but still very effective McCullough Steam Cleaner is the Portable Power Steam Cleaner. This one also uses the 1500 watts of steaming power, but it is easier to use because it weighs less and is portable. Also in the family of McCullough Steam Cleaners, is the Handheld Steam Cleaner that uses 1300 watts of power. Even though it uses 200 less watts of power, it will still blast away any dirt or grease from practically any surface. The handheld McCullough Steam Cleaners can also be used in the bathroom, kitchen, ovens, counter tops and outdoor grills. It can even be used to clean a toilet like it’s never been cleaned before. Showers and sinks can also be cleaned with a handheld steam cleaner.

Another McCullough Steam Cleaner is the handheld model that also has a wallpaper remover right within the cleaner. This is an easy way to remove all old wallpaper without the mess and fuss of scraping it off.

The smallest of the handheld McCullough Steam Cleaners is the Handheld Trigger Steam Cleaner. Using 1300 watts of power, this cleaner only takes 30 seconds to heat up. It is perfect for steam cleaning an exact stain or spot because of the trigger design. It can pinpoint the grime by the aim of the trigger. This McCullough Steam Cleaner works well on smaller items such as tools, golf clubs and even upholstery. Weighing under 3 pounds makes this steam cleaner easy on the arm.

A very useful McCullough Steam Cleaner is the MC1275 Multipurpose model. This also uses 1500 watts of power. In addition to that, it can be used for one full hour at a time, has a 50 Oz tank and a 12’ cord that makes it easy to move around to complete the job more efficiently. It also comes on wheels which is really a benefit.

Whichever McCullough Steam Cleaner is needed, it will be a smart purchase and an excellent choice for getting that cleaning job done fast and efficiently.

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