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Liposuction Before After - What to Expect Before and After Liposuction

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Deciding if Liposuction is right for you is a difficult decision. Before considering Liposuction, consider the procedure and the demands on your body before and after liposuction.

Liposuction is most suited to the person who is already relatively healthy and maintains a healthy weight, but may have fifteen pounds or less to lose. The fat that they wish to remove will probably be diet-resistant fat, meaning that it does not respond well to diet or exercise and seems to stick around no matter how much exercise is done. Liposuction will be most effective when performed on areas of this type of fat that are localized in one area, not necessarily found all over the body. The most popular areas of the body for liposuction are the abdomen (upper and lower), the face and neck, the arms, the outer and inner thighs, and the buttocks. Liposuction is very effective in sculpting areas of the body and improving the contour of certain areas.

There are several different types of liposuction, and each method is effective in its own way. Tumescent liposuction involves saturating the fat that is to be removed with a saline solution that includes a local anesthetic and vasoconstrictor (this works to reduce bleeding), creating enough room between the fat and the surrounding tissues for the cannula (the suction wand) to be inserted. The saline-saturated fat is then sucked out of the body. This type of liposuction is particularly effective in the facial and neck regions, where the underlying tissue is very delicate.

Vaser Liposuction is a method in which ultrasonic waves are used in order to break down the cell walls of the fat cells, causing the fat to liquefy before it is sucked out of the body with the cannula. In the same way, laser liposuction liquefies the fat with a small laser directed under the skin. These types of liposuction are most often used on larger areas of the body, such as the abdomen, thighs, and buttocks.

Liposuction will be most effective if the patient develops healthy habits before liposuction that will be continued after the liposuction treatment. Maintaining an exercise regime and a healthy balanced diet after liposuction will ensure that the results gained from the procedure will be permanent.

After the liposuction treatment, the patient will require a few days of recovery, though the procedure is typically done as an outpatient surgery. While the patient will likely be able to go home the day of the surgery, the patient will be expected to wear a compression garment and take it easy for a few days in order for the body to heal. Bruising, Swelling, Redness, and Pain at the incision site and the treated area are common side effects of the procedure and should dissipate within a few days to two weeks. After the liposuction treatment, full results may not be visible for up to six months, depending on the patient’s healing abilities, though some results will be immediately visible.

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