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Sirius Satellite Radios - What's New With Sirius Sattelite Radio?

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Sirius is one of the nation’s prime players in the satellite radio market. Sirius offers a lineup of over 130 commercial-free channels that include a wide variety of music genres, sports, news, talk and comedy. Subscribers can also choose from six programming packages, some of which include certain XM channels, and a large selection of radios and accessories.

The radio choices with Sirius include options for listening at home, in your vehicle, or portable radios for listening on the go. Before selecting a radio, you’ll want to consider the programming you want since only certain Sirius radios support some of the special programming options. One of these options is an A La Carte package. With this package you can create your own personalized group of 50 channels. To get this programming option, though, you will need a Sirius radio that supports the A La Carte option.

The other Sirius programming option only supported by certain radios is the Best of XM. The Best of XM is a collection of some favorite XM sports and talk channels such as Oprah Radio, MLB, XM Public Radio, NBA and NHL. Product information on the Sirius website identifies which radios support the A La Carte and Best of XM choices, but you’ll need to look for these logos and read the product descriptions to be sure you’re getting a radio that supports the programming you want.

Sirius has a wide selection of radios and accessories designed for cars, home or on the go. Many vehicles, both new and used, are now equipped with Sirius car radios and often include introductory trials. A list of cars that are Sirius-equipped can be found on the Sirius website. If your car does not come with a Sirius car radio already installed, there are plenty of after-market radio choices available for installation in your vehicle.

The home choices for Sirius radio receivers include both satellite systems and internet radios in stand-alone systems, tuners for Sirius-ready audio systems, and Dock and Play systems. If you’d like to try Sirius internet radio, you’ll need a high-speed internet connection. Internet radio allows you to listen through computers, Smartphones or one of the Sirius internet-compatible radios. If Sirius portable satellite radios are more your thing, the four Sirius portable radio options all include features for storing recorded Sirius programming, and most also include the capability of storing your own personal MP3 library on these devices.

Free trials are available. The free trials are 7-day trials for Sirius internet radio and require no credit card information or commitment. A 30-day free VIP trial is also available for new premium Sirius internet radio subscribers.

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